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  • 00:00: book of tasty and healthy food By the way, many things in Soviet Union was deficit and They gathered in the including certain scarce thing extended to the book was such a series of books ZHZL life is wonderful many people gathered This subscription roots books have been issued in one style some edition
  • 00:30: as I remember devoted to wine hero submission Soviet ideology as the book was discussed on delicious and healthy food and and many bought it It was considered deficient and and wanted to have a family it actually only publication in Soviet Union Which was devoted to cooking dedicated cooking and
  • 01:01: process associated with These first edition This book was produced in 1952 by decision Mikoyan Now imagine you have We Soviet Union as it existed found the seventeenth year October Revolution only fifty second year there was such a book is considered a tasty and healthy food because our Russian man even more precisely no Russian man product
  • 01:30: USSR did not have to think of the stomach it I had to think about construction plants of communism a party meeting about collection not about to indulge in such baser feelings how to eat what they give table who have By the way here is the dining room it is also in the appearance specially under socialism dawn as we
  • 02:00: It used to be restaurants and itself ready to incidentally House why there was such books about tasty and healthy food it is something implied fair proprietary Individual something not not a collective public so We had a table and practically no such their books were not so they do not have to develop human something individually your own garage private own property car own apartment or your house and you need to
  • 02:30: It was that there was general something communal table and then to like and that's it Book a day there were all clear and fifty second year that, in principle, you can not live on tighten the screws shorter start to This book is important that I did this not only recipes but also because pictures that many things can be was only see in this book regarding there was a shortage of products and the fact that a huge
  • 03:01: now people that write in the Soviet Union it was unanimously people that we enough food food was not deficit and only all it was present it is not so can only speak for themselves and for what I I saw it thing is in seemed to wealthy 70s in the mid-70s years many things in provincial the northern city it was impossible to buy for definition and I do not
  • 03:31: I say things is some delicious motor boats diamonds when it I did not say that possible to buy it came elementary things coffee tea candy children's clothing Clothing for adults all went to Moscow We bought there is including but not sausage this most important It was in pictures pictures can be consider you look at my from sold public banks beautiful well not
  • 04:00: beautiful and healthy and Even now I do not know It has the same bank incomprehensible in size that she is a big 700 500 gram or on small but this picture Incidentally genre classics peas with sausage this is something from it classics something and because of the fact that It is an axiom a classic combination of peas
  • 04:30: sausage look legs legs difficult By the way, we note tables were aluminum forks and spoons and spoon it here elements well, just a spoon with elements of the plug cats pattern feet they from these very tsarist regime who designed the said engraving data canteens instruments he understood sense he painted proletariat devices
  • 05:00: he painted table devices what should seek man but it is clear beer Zhiguli Ostankino brewery look and a glass the glass is not beer it is clear glass but I I do not know, he is knocked out of the total glass rim mass faceted cups that were of which pellek you on Street tea canteens compotes, it is not faceted glass
  • 05:31: look on go natural recipes but I'm interested in Pictures do you think the Soviet people could afford there are currently spawn banks calves sold eggs could buy for example the Russian Federation obkomov their cupboards or trains Long-distance in the mid 70s so she did not bathe in circus or in a restaurant It was dear see these Here is a picture in basically Soviet
  • 06:01: caviar in more than It is the fact that this thing was deficit you look at a jar on a black cap caviar said products It was designed not for internal consumption than Soviet man I secret let him eat porridge at posts only reads the newspaper so here production the Soviet Union and it is it was all basically on they went contrary to export request
  • 06:30: forgiveness in him with sides look on fish pictures pictures a very important feature this book of tasty and healthy the food was picture general that the same bourgeois when not there was simply something fill the stomach for builders socialism and communism here see breast the rear part of the body scheme regarding lamb look
  • 07:09: I look olives not remember to we have olive sold freely Here came Shop I bought a jar of olives look seventy little here jar with asparagus overturn
  • 07:30: stuffed peppers beautiful decoration I can not understand is Is Tony photos we can say the picture look beyond oil what we delight to one picture with dairy products I would get corn sugar saw to our stores in North town later today
  • 08:00: a population of about 120 thousands sold this corn is not Now remember cereals were soup briquettes sold you kill his pea his throw boiling water was It cared see the village it would remember it sold Servais almost delicious compote rhubarb who wants compote of no I have no wish rhubarb compote try and ask
  • 08:30: forgiveness where dairy Products that let Now there were a minute ago, so see raw examined there confuse time watched ago dairy products, you see what I I remember so now these Triangular bags from We were sold in During the socialist era in but in our city town on their northern not It was when I was living there was in the capital region, these packages listed in a single dairy store on
  • 09:00: the central square These are triangular packs cheese for children cottage cheese look than braces sold now this cheese I do not see even to It went so this cake, I did not even I know how many here gram grams more than 250 Now this term similar to the standard option to watch that also cheese tea syrup these brands are not already know I bottled up bottles bought
  • 09:30: then washed published back it was here is milk again went achievements clover a wide variety of soups and tedious went vkusnotischi different this cake, and here's this the picture is not so simple part of the post to some yes then after drinking tea mugs was not in
  • 10:00: mainly for tea so consumed tea in the cup holder it was so system here right conceptual lemon picture cut half could not we become too was many deficit yes of course be of the yes no can not can I see quite a child seizes washes down jelly and jams
  • 10:31: strawberry in front of him sugar platter hundred percent and then went cheese and never remember here so we went to the shop and such diversely variety of cheeses Moscow may have been in cyst in department stores We only had processed cheese friendship in abundance yet I remember whether Poshehonsky tariqat the cheese was more I this has not been seen well, perhaps as early as City Committee Sgiach buffets it was like this book my friends it It was enough cult you can
  • 11:01: read about it typing a book about healthy and tasty, and healthy food ie food should not only be tasty but properly and a healthy and tasty, and healthy food edition that's gone as fully 950 2 the year of publication of this book they were different format if I am not mistaken these buildings so that someone may want to they read it even where there was something for download here
  • 11:30: bakery make some Full-flavored, and here it is it is not clear that this this Kulebyaka can be live batter but all hello friends