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  • 00:00: I will show you how to mow ragged fringe asymmetrical method start our module moon select and symmetric triangle These beads are cut on dry hair as the rule and traces of it vertices of the triangle It is parted radial parting
  • 00:30: the control strand somewhere in the middle by fleece cut off control over and I look at what is the length I need enough no element insufficiently kanishka this is my mother the control strand then I had a haircut I standing radial
  • 01:01: parting from the top of my symmetric and each triangle strand is pulled up to center my control locks I should have get asymmetrical bangs Further also groove middle and back so hard to the center if We have a very thick
  • 01:31: hair and we need so she come looking for Afonin softer then I I delay to the center still up in the cage Here we not going to do us hair enough firebox I do this until as long as we do not like we are for a ragged edge and as in depth
  • 02:06: bang we regulate But our haircuts I separate the same track with symmetric sorting and and make same these stockings can and put on wet if hair long at a
  • 02:36: short but when length still needed remove the bit better to do it on dry not to be mistaken always look to uniformly to not hammered thick pieces bangs it evenly Bourdon we defeated Let's see
  • 03:12: man here Federation must apply such a bang always when a haircut symmetrical when Hair growth is not very good do not fit straight bangs are bangs are very popular they are very long rush a person can
  • 03:42: up to six months a haircut clearly will gently lie scrapped oncoming for children there is more
  • 04:14: contrast They smiled at the center and eyebrow for the villagers in a hurry hairstyle Christina can
  • 05:02: stay Here we turned so soft torn fringe which jack our model all