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  • 00:02: I would like to tell on the one amazing gymnastics who actually I come to our country in 25-30 years ago, 30 years old ago, I do not know already somewhere with 4 halves response and more stable practice four years he 6 tenths I feel great 1 chronic illness Although there is already
  • 00:31: dyspnea rise in us while we do not know as he had on the fifth floor I get up quietly Auntie's feel very well-behaved and his illness, I do not I will list because she wanted say about it this gym like She came to us country is hormone Tibetan gymnastics it was known the wind and the monks in one I am not of the monasteries I know the name marvelous arrow matter in Generally they love
  • 01:00: no one every day It is engaged in merely 5 minutes and it allows all hormonal neck from the entire body keep up quite young level area 25-30 years no addition and in practice it increases life called on Friday how it came to mean one Soviet head of security castle say another Soviet times built power so
  • 01:31: behold him when he stretched girl faithful to the wire I pulled something he saw in UN mountains We're not very it was great sorry for these monks what to do all my life no light to and quite simply you one thread stretch and they somehow see what benefit I had so They rejoiced and said, we can not love you and give megamenom ask them round that you will understand and objectives
  • 02:02: to twenty years of his life and when he then It was 58 years old and now in regional 4 and he says but now I I can tell you, and he published his tale article in Komsomolskaya Pravda and where I read the answer is gymnastics it's so easy ie the need to It has to wake up to 6 a.m government to 6 in the morning and less it is desirable not to soft bed as well
  • 02:31: still to any such hard enough Again it was not but We need to raise their hands and Now these places you just need a very strongly rub both in for here these a few seconds letters smells 567 master's you You make a diagnosis of that what you have until Now at this point if it is dry and
  • 03:00: liver kitty mean in We have everything in order well if this warm and you can not You can grind the hands this part with Biocon niche for the country if it generally does not heats this place and even humidity appears on palms it says that you have a very strong vegetovascular dystonia and Geon artistic occurred at some promises you an urgent need recover and this gymnastics just to help
  • 03:31: this from becoming It has been dolly not at all the same need further to continue the is after the diagnosis here then we continue to then these charge Hot places we put on eyes on eyeballs and We start looking so here acclimatized 2 seconds one solution and thus way 30 seconds 30 traffic still needs it is considered even We have not yet woke up and eyes you all Nothing is closed
  • 04:00: when you start believes that the style you start wake up already somewhere on the second 30 exercise you then wake up if you have a bad vision you leave palm so after pressing 30 somewhere one or two minutes just like that Now keep time It is powered energy the power of the eye apple and all receptors which in there are at then the iris handle I carry the grandmother We do not start looking up
  • 04:30: also press the ears 30 times in the same way person moves ie within two weeks starts to crawl all symptoms chronic diseases and on my fourth Now from this day place right on the paper and began to stretch I could not even much ie depress not roll the chill this means I became silently but gradually brought he must continue said that descriptively to the beaches just carry cooking
  • 05:00: and gradually I got who more of this a pair of my ear is generally does not do some flying periodically pulled the ill and the have a chronic inflammation was he said period of six months almost all chronic sickness leave as much as if some then there is the type of banks and once we have something a little more than necessary may be a year and a half, but give here so here's some chronic inflammation is in During the six did not completely out but I even took it 1 google it four
  • 05:30: day symptom went even two weeks is normal and so we put thumb behind the ear and boys here calmly and and here also do lift here this time two three 4 that is up and down is however we do it abandoned desires and even when we We did this
  • 06:00: point, even now I even Now a little bit why sweat colleague here I sit nothing particularly video why because of and this is very hot flushes energy is not directness this is the place all nourish and heals support all alphago accurate and ring and middle ear internally and externally then far beyond that there is dying what to do and Here we put the right pad left Nagas I start from the top
  • 06:30: runaround evasion can you can not show off touch but he says if you want to wrinkles smoothed something true touch too back and forth relationship Here, too, three 30 seconds of the solutions here is improvement in the facts and work on but the last hour
  • 07:00: thing here is located a distance of about 4 5 cm and makushechki so that over the head grass. instead he makes himself on top of the forehead one pillow lying the name of and that was Vakula It does not Rashkin weights say it soloists not worth the way one pressure very well normalized
  • 07:30: pressure and high and decreased played glade just need instruction coil while here these places so It starts well is tightened joint work very smooth sweet part of the video and then I it was a huge hand one derivatives I have it here now is not so it is necessary after this gymnastics literally
  • 08:00: across but can be three or four months in I could not hand Here is a 40 esports too I sleep in a new battle guests 1820 Here is the world in kati completely Now it is good was twice traced so then put on a thyroid and you hand and left We do such a dock such a move kidney also we have so and so
  • 08:31: that 30 times and 30 times just slow slipping on tummy then later the mouth 30 this time some chronic constipation yet that it all will be held here will not even then It feels like it all It happens quickly and 30 times made not agante Well, and here
  • 09:01: this is how much we get so mean two or three times 4 5 6 7 8 8 times under 30 seconds, that is, Only a few of us occurred in 4 minutes we sprinkled here put very active and cheerful and some sort of what is necessary and possible once there some harmony It appears instead glass war
  • 09:30: because when we all chances to normal work the inside I have enough favorable position and you start feel sense of their then you go completed and the handle and legs are available just shake it year from the air channels and small capillaries if they
  • 10:01: you will be free we will be very motion his because details will be taken to the best lift legs, you can not also raise available mi su controversial forgive them little lead also the day k300 then sit down We sit down and begin to I rub the foot
  • 10:30: while doing even if the foot dry We need the best olive oil Waxman and although you can any oil and melted butter and vegetable small is most-most medical that is like this at this here and so can even the legs is good for the joints will also here because You can change legs and on the other hand so
  • 11:00: difficulties here are movement why you too, and you rub feeling did here is that if something Dad loves can a little bit here and so massaging motion and just press press but also positive then you can sit down and just to work with his then system and so upward up by not directly
  • 11:31: denzhat lateral side surface here Suppliers can also be grease from the handle also and here's the place I earned festivals that's all it gives It gives it hormone gymnastics first gives all normal operation
  • 12:01: all endocrine secretion and here so people are particularly who carried happened their health and that wrong if not enough Now they can actually very quickly within six months reestablish decent enough streets of his health and for after few years they see that it turns out they are not this day can not hold with one two days still somehow It can be somewhere on the road muted if for example I often I travel the
  • 12:30: 12 days before but the third day already feel that the whole body as the beginning if I crawl that is, it becomes it becomes hard like if something upon thee bore down some internal swelling appear as Further voices are not so Grisha and I open not so I'm more then even longer between morning I'm starting to do it Just for the day Now I have my lighter but it is easier in the morning morning here this vase
  • 13:00: Verka it will not replace Well, these five minutes please dedicate secret