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  • 00:08: Good day friends My name is Eugene taro and today we you still consider one alignment designed to deck of playing cards This pack consists of 36 cards and the balance simple enough
  • 00:33: it is called patter I learned that when riding-shuffling the train from Simferopol Dnepropetrovsk this He taught me-shuffling fellow traveler made on it as a joke but every joke there share jokes else all the truth accordingly, this alignment enough informative
  • 01:00: it turns and quite truthful let's see how at one of my client will develop life events by this-shuffling how to make come true person We know the deck and more
  • 01:30: spread at random cards saying today an hour later it was that will be on the road to threshold to HIV and pen
  • 02:03: for the rest of a night What is it going to end than the heart to calm down and the end of all things put loot and now according to that we are sentenced You are talking about the card We have now Six of diamonds that
  • 02:31: there is some road close an hour own house then a man clearly returns home an hour is own house that was some experiences were trouble that will receive any financial or this meeting about the likely people will receive an advance or something any cash
  • 03:00: little money to the road on the road with us dozen chirkova some emotional interest or a trip to a city on the brink Bubnov is nine bigger money compared with Seven ie it probably already Salary will be HIV and pen man some basement king peak the eldest
  • 03:30: respectable person noble profession more all on a night all the queen of spades queen of spades this woman willful ie this card for interpreting quite difficult seldom means men more all this map It means some the situation on the whole a night I keep silence in which the situation as
  • 04:00: next card we What is it going to end this Six of clubs that is some far trip within countries than the heart to calm down Well, some other man heart calm down and what's wrong will end well, still quite some completely different People there are two King this ends well Here is such a simple the balance for the first
  • 04:30: but humorous look if to it look at the quite truthful and informative Take yourself on little note and practice your we decomposed to discuss in comments to this article this scenario to This all my friends goodbye until the next Video broadcast of the meeting till