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  • 00:07: Greetings friends with you evgeny by aron and a deck of playing kart here thirty-six paintings will do the alignment of the alignment of the very similar to Kola cross only for playing deck and a little modified
  • 00:31: there are nuances interpretation as in Celtic scenario in Celtic Kristi you you can make plans some some well, for example the question Does meeting with some sort of specific man that you interest is Whether the conversation on such as phone or how to pass exams and if you get on interview
  • 01:00: ie approval Whether you are invited to work and so on then there are more specific question the more successful we will layout Now try make a deal for I'm interested one person let it will be of hearts King I'm waiting on he posts it is very important for I have a message so I want to
  • 01:30: I get to see it in the next few days or the message I can not wait maybe she will come So later I think mentally man from whom It depends on the decision our question remove the deck to yourself
  • 02:01: and laid out three fan and farther the deck is you the hidden map the less human You think at this time Well, we found
  • 02:30: our king Chervova these cards I gather this is what happens Now he that is then you can suggest that he It is currently own house in of some women remove these cards the king put middle shuffling
  • 03:01: back deck podsnimaem of the cards We leave the bottom left Right at the top and Put the three card at the bottom
  • 03:31: three left cards three cards three right card on top card at King three card at the King and two cards on diagonals here
  • 04:03: turned a alignment with the card underfoot this past map Left is near here is the past that just it was the right card Present and card top is the future of the there soon future Cards that have fallen
  • 04:30: on the diagonals are people who participate in life querent that is, they are people that something about him I think somehow influence his attitude to his actions on his thoughts and so on primary card is that which fell under it is something that's out what that innermost thoughts secret desires here we have fallen
  • 05:00: eight of hearts It can be assumed that his heart under the very heart of how It said some emotional conversation can be a declaration of love or here's something in this spirit with some emotional conversation three cards are We were over him this card on the heart and they just have very big importance in this scenario there fell
  • 05:30: Eight of clubs jack clubs and the king of clubs in principle can be suggest to these three cards of something really this person thinks about message will bother about that send the letter this message perhaps some man yet this case prevents the there is need to petition to the king rate to
  • 06:00: send this Post here the way if these maps here These 3 cards fell in this way let seven Eight and jack peak the principle can divination fold because either it of a fraud and landscape in general, not truthful or too or too late the sooner you asked
  • 06:30: that is, in general, how would be inappropriate little situation Here we Of course on the other all came with us the correct alignment further need see the general background the alignment and it find out that It comes to life a man about whom we and may ask It is based on this it is already possible suggests how soon we will get it an diamonds, and it
  • 07:01: some paper business finance questions questions daily grind The worm works this increase emotional background of the a man can have dominated by some emotions right now that is a lot of sensitivity some dreaminess love that is he was not to cases of some his personal life to in the foreground floats clubs show now a moment in the life
  • 07:32: when the job requires effortlessly ie very stressful period in the work plan or study in humans to test and exam etc susche busy this But the peak respectively period points 3 will be such that maximally the human effort there is an effort on the brink stress as we see
  • 08:01: we can not say what specific cards prevail in general Chervova card that is a little emotional person More or less Now I is stable I see that there several of clubs cards and enough a lot of what he has busy some Now working blockage
  • 08:30: some financial it is a little bit of business solve their well Stress, in principle, that is enough quite stressful well as the situation is not but highly stressful there are mostly in past and a little bit in future will little it is connected with some party people well but that's stress on
  • 09:00: the there are still quite yes serious here by the way the more shaped cards scenario the higher the social status of the person we are talking or around it a lot of people if more turns the license of such fine card man likely today
  • 09:30: a fuss little things in life and personal serious he did not What happens in fact we can to say Well, so briefly that up-shuffling man that I asking thinks about to me he is thinking about how would intercede about that Posts that I waiting for the truth is not quite everything depends on him there are some too much trouble on about work and in general, that
  • 10:00: strained now He mode in general When this stress a little pass this job ustakanilos is possible wait for it messages then we interpret alignment more details of each map the positions they are As I have already gorilla past the next past and present future as well as people who interpret something about the person you are
  • 10:31: we here they make come true interpret how they react to it and how to use it interrelated then we need discard cards which coincide par here here in eight scenario, we have four eight lots conversations in humans that we have there, we
  • 11:03: Four ladies female Surrounded by a large is that even the aces depart jacks six scores
  • 11:34: Seven and Seven we are five card when the remaining 5 card is any there are obstacles to the way this man that we ask I was watching a what kind of obstacles there are financial and stress issues
  • 12:00: again connected yet this business human king it can be Head Officer some of the teacher and so below that is the person which takes a little slightly more higher position on the status of 5 cards are obstacles sim-cards are family 9 business cards is something that's amazing can occur in of human life so it is not hurry to do what we expect from him and
  • 12:31: three cards is some anxiety there also interfere the embodiment of what we ask that's actually and the whole layout I hope it will be you useful to the future we meet friends my until