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  • 00:11: welcome all to New video tutorials on communications Alex Kuzmichyov as you remember in Last month, I you begin to understand the most simple and interesting photos Effects for treatment your photos and today we the next lesson from this theme we are we will analyze effect called earlybird this effect
  • 00:31: It allows for beautiful yellow-brown shades on Photo so I work for I chose here This snimochek you You can take any your picture and try follow the same action that I and so let's start first matter to you and me you need to create adjustment layer gradient map bang on the circle here here here choose adjustment layer gradient map here
  • 01:00: click on the timeline and choose standard gradient purple to orange so press the ok button to make in shadows you were and purple hues the light was orange if you have the contrary simply put checkmark Inversion is so close this adjustment layer and change regime overlay multiplication downgrade opacity to Approximately 20 percent
  • 01:31: and we must come here so that's easy purple on our pictures further let create another adjustment layer we click here we choose brightness contrast increases the brightness Images about 15 or 20 even as increase contrast about 30 here
  • 02:00: in this way close this adjustment layer and create adjustment layer Shading or color the top of our is clicked here and in the window where we need to ask color number write fd f1 d5 it light beige color and click ok Overlay mode also We put on multiplication
  • 02:30: active layer will give us more More warm tones In our picture of how You see before and after the next step create another adjustment layer this time it's with us will level and choose a little lighten our picture drag the middle slider slightly left about the values 1 and 30, I think like this go Now in red
  • 03:00: channel here slightly shifted to bottom right scale to add little red shades on picture about to a value of 15 here in this way close this adjustment layer Then click combination shift kontrol alto e to create combined copy all our layers so it is we at the top with us you need to it
  • 03:30: discolor press combination shift control you or it can be done through point picture Correction and select click here discolor so much so change regime this layer's blend in the soft light and downgrade transparency to about 50 interest like this so we We created more additional contrast to more photos to highlight the model our
  • 04:00: I want pictures add a small vignette for this we will use new empty layer and we click here fill it with black the color of this layer press alt del so Now add to this mask layer and we click here select tool gradient style for gradient set radial and color put black and white that's the way Now select the mask
  • 04:31: the top layer and middle like this is how we fill this mask Dachshunds have gradients I have included inversion let her Disconnect and repeat the same now as the need downgrade transparency vignettes about seventy percent you can put is another value depending on the your photo is have what effect you
  • 05:00: More like tags Well, now let's a little soften shade will be for this use adjustment layer exposure can be set and his little drag the slider right shift approximately to the value zero point zero 083 here thus both You see in the pictures had such interesting and well haze
  • 05:30: the final step can be a little to strengthen sharpness on photo for this we first you need to create combined copy all our layers press combination shift kontrol viola and now We go to the point filter gain contour sharpness sharpen depending from your photos We set up here value the more you to the size of your steam the correspondingly you need to put This longer radius case, I better
  • 06:01: nastroechki this effect And 150 percent of the radius of 3 pixel click ok button, and here is our final let's result unite all resulting layers a separate group, and see what and so that's happened Photo is from We had in the beginning of the video hand, and that's what we achieved during its processing