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How to sew a pillowcase with the valve. Sewing for beginners  See details »

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  • 00:07: the time has come from we formed lunge by Staff great shield the bait scientific Of course it can It is collected from pieces when you already have very little tissue is It can be made sin valve can be individually tailored each half but it's going to the case where you
  • 00:30: very little tissue the cloth dear beautiful you Nowhere can not buy additional then of course It can be done so but tick as all other products set yet sewed from a paintings when I cutting out the duvet cover I and you are cutting out a such a way that pillowcase I Get the width my girlfriend 45 45 centimeters but I Of course I will not do very fluffy pillow
  • 01:00: add 5 centimeters freedom customized fit it is 50 centimeters two centimeters I add to the brim get me dessert and 4 centimeters that's actually spare my literally 5 centimeters here you course has you can do decide 5 centimeters wrong lot for show so you can either it's cut or insert a new one covenant will certainly
  • 01:31: know that science will free the but I feel like that free milk it does not bad but nevertheless I do like and this is supposed excess I linens and never rezhu tear off this is now I Wild Child and all so I
  • 02:02: get stripe folded in half lobar thread in the way pillowcase can located walking so that's how it depends on what You tissue and report you arrange his blood and so at me 75 centimeters here two complex It means the band in
  • 02:30: total of half a meter that is, 75 folded in half multiplied by 2 meters and 50 the width of my the cut apples 54 centimeters or 45 I added 5 centimeters and two centimeter He added at the seams well Now you can be say 5 centimeters but after a lot of laundry cloth and take the sit and a lot of you do not
  • 03:01: It seems so I narwhal 2 pillowcases I prepared not to sew means that now I have to do for this pillowcases the first thing I'm Fold the end hand as I cloth a little then I them Fold literally one centimeter to both sides if you enough to the
  • 03:30: leave allowance more because Well it looks is solidly interesting it turns when say 2 centimeters two and a half NER centimeter hem You screwed on the inside that is, if you Staying on hem 34 centimeters it just decorate your baby it will be you it is far better sew it more convenient it is more convenient ironing These edges will not greatly extend
  • 04:00: but that's because I have a little so I will do hem just one centimeter 08 wrap inside and one centimeter once again is such a I will hem with end faces Now we are going to carry out joint vpodgibku with closed cut differently This cut has He calls hem perform it so even if you the cloth cotton do not listen
  • 04:30: advice and do not know them Councils such advice do only self-taught so to speak will tell you for ironing then once then iron another just like how much neatly they do and teaches you the same cotton the cloth no need to press out it only complicates work and does not improve quality cotton cloth buckle one
  • 05:02: time on July 8 centimeters and 2 1 2 Hem course get a little wider than it is somewhere one centimeter as usual omit nice cat straightens strings even a little tightens them omit the foot needle lowered Lower the foot down
  • 05:30: Now turn in and how would tighten Now this hand will throw you sewing cotton is not make small three three stitches half a millimeter it is normal and even four first then wash your cloth podsyadet and these seams are very strong but if you have something remodel suddenly challenge you too it will gnaw
  • 06:00: teeth if you are small stitches so eat large stitches anywhere It will not get anything for bed linen three three and a half millimeter quite doing enough approximately one centimeter seam return tack to do of course and on this tack all these will be included in the seams and even the tack you probably do not
  • 06:30: have to do how to sew well, once it is show at the hem it is unlikely if you can take any external landmarks although it may be can be here I w foot wide and so I can keep edge of the foot on the fold the most important thing and you head over there within I should go to one millimeter from the top fold your hem
  • 07:00: hunt down and it is for the direction of the needle because it is impossible watch here and there follow the direction of the needle stitch width you measured out You will then measure when you it means to bend and when you sew Now look back at the opening on to one millimeter of hem
  • 07:30: if you have function lower position Needle is a function I've got to Bernini Now the down position needle it is very convenient in many cases it convenient, and even in this case because you will Now fold the seam Once again, that's to you from under Do not pull tabs eh better course when needle is lower position then you already pull you You can here and
  • 08:00: pull fold ready about 15 October centimeters of the weld and look to you was nowhere distortions to avoid It was skewed here necessarily supports all three layer and you just can
  • 08:30: skew should not everything must be in end come together in the end you should not be no distortions that there's all here should equally coincide i.e. topsheet I should not have to move out relatively low and in the end makes small rivet although again it It is not necessarily because it will joints You can break off and
  • 09:00: can immediately substitute the following seam such as I am doing right now finish raises the presser foot and I continue to do to sew tack and more This is especially useful if the fabric and thick it is convenient and then when you need to sew just a lot to to save time circumcision all shifting It is immediately prepare all sections
  • 09:30: all eight sections here So get rid of do this work Even if you beginning the aspiring seamstress But for this time, you may well and adapt to FIG car with you and actually here so here and learn
  • 10:09: After you They buckled on the street with both sides end now I I will show you a simple a way to avoid confused with podgibkoy but in the first side seams we handle double vyvorotny seam and just add up Firstly postpone here our long
  • 10:31: pillowcases so bottom panel flap how we should close the valve at the we must located inside if trying to post here you get so let's say that some perekosyak but here it is tend to cotton cloth just pick here and so on and braid pull after you for tissue engineering will in place, and all will be
  • 11:02: normally for that there were no warps the better certainly put and several bulavochek then you can already will sew any sides just kill the bulavochkami and sew both sides adjusters seam width of 5 or not Now we Stitch width side seams
  • 11:30: floor seam centimeter here you will certainly It will need to make a tack this item necessary in this case you will grind look up to valve necessarily He entered into the joint and align slices sure if you the novice seamstress needles need
  • 12:00: pin more often and take them short to needle and a second side
  • 12:58: here I formed here
  • 13:00: all sorts of no snip they should all be cut We take out the needles and pillowcase turn out very easy reception antisms cut thread too finger invest inside little corner
  • 13:31: turn fix it finger and you turn we pierced for the front side and Now we will sew on the wrong side time has come show you another nuance After you here you twisted They can be returned flashing now here just take and sew
  • 14:00: and you will have a little seam a little wider than you We made this one inside weld if you have it 5 millimeters made it means that this one seam you must have a 8 millimeters and thus way you will sew After you turn out you get so that this one here Reputation will be visible so maybe nothing wrong with that well to this seam was not Now we can see more take and turn
  • 14:31: I turned the valve Valve opening at within us and now the foundation will sew Only you less often seamy side seam width 8 millimeters after As I ask gunner you are faithful and it will be ready I eat here can clearly navigate here
  • 15:01: this inner seam and the edge of the foot that is, me from the edge of the foot to line will be one centimeters tack move on the seam should be straightening handles so here it is not
  • 15:31: It was filled in that is, you have it here so Here you edit the whole you rights to the show It was split here here, too, for when valve will end with you too to make the cap little because It is the place too hard
  • 16:00: when refuel You will pillow on street will each once this place strain Well, we have sewn and now you can check size although check sizes too late but I'm just for you check that's 65 centimeters silent well, and between
  • 16:31: seams world they 51 centimeter happened although I had planned 50 me, it does not confused for anal glasses is normally one centimeter on and turn out turn and look we It happened here at the seam We hid inside Combat is not see the seam Now a gut-wrenching second side corners rather gunners we valve
  • 17:01: Get the inside as we thought the seam here there is no everything very cleanly We all pillowcase ready