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Video subtitles:
  • 00:07: Hello welcome you to my channel with you Elena today we learn to knit bi-elastic displaced loops recruit loop on the needle report we consists of 4 loop the loop plus 2 for symmetry and two edge loop I I gained 32 loops We begin to knit the first row of the first
  • 00:30: an edge loop we remove 2 provyazyvaem purl loop now we will 2 facial provyazyvat loop but first we rules elephants second eyelet face loop for the front then the first wall loop for the back also the front wall loop and go down and We reiterate our report until the end of the series 2
  • 01:02: purl first 2 front loop for a front wall then first loop, too front loop but the rear wall so we are knit first row
  • 01:58: 2 purl loops and
  • 02:02: last bead loop, we also 2 purl row first distal edge loop we shoot Further provyazyvaem 2 facial first loop provyazyvaem second the front face then the wall first in but also face the noose already beyond the rear wall 2
  • 02:30: and purl We reiterate our report consisting of 4 loops to the end of the series
  • 03:23: last bead loop, we also purl we
  • 03:30: We finished with you second row now we will repeat its the first and second rows us to the desired height we continue to knit our bilateral gum with displaced loops repeating the first and second row we finished knit our sample is Gum us bilateral it
  • 04:00: looks the same that from the front that wrong Thanks to all the parties for your attention if there questions write to the comments you Elena was bye Bye