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  • 00:14: this pattern species cotton weaving carried out by two tubes 2 are similar to tube slightly softened 2 and so convenient
  • 00:33: weave always due due to the fact that the number of tubes divisible by three again I say minus one pattern shifts and it turns out that's a beautiful uzorchik cotton weaving feature it in the that it should be seal along the weaving for that was not gleams and so I plet somewhere about
  • 01:00: Now until the end of this form from then on start think about the pen still and so the production of if the crust first Template I I did want to show like how I form pen find in house rectangular thing and the same wire here melted 08 or edinichka
  • 01:30: Here the thickness of the wire and have Natasha used to master class I'm doing a few turns around the rectangular This thing can be some in a box block of wood I have this bar case that old old jar from under tea gift once upon a time Now I'm lost it stores coffee accidentally survived here you do blend
  • 02:02: a few turns 6 set for itself to sturdy handle you are the one-two-three-four It may be possible and less confused times two or three will be April 5 5 place to crash I
  • 02:32: is a form Now I rented here I just do not so I removed I unwind the form and it is now by trained if It was not here this it would be all rim It is now much easier I just watch it kidney regiment seasoned It has corners area
  • 03:00: combine and here I turned out here such and this form here perhaps the same again Several variants It is the first pen I did, I just I wrapped with three sides of a single layer lo and behold, this here upper layer a little longer then I wanted slightly pomudrit of artistic start and I It has been known for
  • 03:30: We weaving techniques The handle is made here such is thinner with these parties with these top and two sides lower part thicker then I I added a tube here just as well but because here I will be white light part here as well she handle me I want her to I was a brand I decided this time here and so do
  • 04:00: white pen to write off white lower side white we will have the upper layer will not easily soiled already dark without Art that I do I take an ordinary tube who want winding over there where I edge wire dirty call a little just start winding tube
  • 04:31: here in this I It is a thick light where our handle here this region now I I will form here add to it It was on the tighter I add a few time can be using leftovers trimming
  • 05:04: breast beams add unscrews them plump on propleli it turns lower part of the side part then I substitute a few more ducts among them
  • 05:30: one dark deeds a few turns white and continue then just Join the white here to rest ducts and dark I start we already fixed starting wind that we will the upper part of the dark here just to This stage can be weave pattern of tubes but I I want this to time it was just dark upper part the main thing neatly
  • 06:00: arranges to gaps has not been tubes need to dark added to if that's the remnants of these turned up under the arm and continue on dark and then change continue We end here light those two parts are closed look like this because that is his
  • 06:30: they will not be visible if here is what we sins like that all we will cover a very important to make especially the top part presentable and here it is we like I would be nothing in the end when shook their call the glue simply press down prischepochka and I leave it to some time to dried up and so we two formed pens Now we find the center
  • 07:01: here I central tube I read and I fix pile the one and the other hand and begin to braid ordinary rope
  • 07:30: capturing grab tube with daughter first weave one part plait handbags then 2
  • 08:02: Now we find the center on each side and guide our pens finally the central pipe fix two clothespins sides these tubes, these pen while leaning Whether and continue weave pattern
  • 08:30: Now one separately and a second portion downstream weaving you probably have seen I have my form that is, it has grown I put down the cup and lifted her a form where there's this far I still have will be here such here height of bag and about then we found now we are narrowing go straight on the move I weave skewers was to raise
  • 09:00: that was more comfortable because they weave give strong emphasis It is sometimes difficult even when the spin tube strongly Now we rests even they can pull why because then we do not bias need we go clear already in the form here I flew a few series and to neat finish I change jobs duct say here see how I'm doing, I
  • 09:31: I embrace working I embrace the tube foundations with entwine handle in the first rows of 1's these branches must be careful further already goes on knurled first should be given It has special needs
  • 10:03: weave rope some works I I joined as2 there there where I have so very much agreed tubes close to one another It has been uncomfortable I connected the weave two tubes Opletal here I it was obtained major expansion and then the tube not so narrowed
  • 10:30: to unite and therefore, weave comfortable and I continue with no longer will so it is more I will not weave connect the tube here already I will not hard to build and backfilled conventional idiot which plate newspaper tube for to then could normally Bending to do as I
  • 11:01: I build up a slips need to using needles you can dock passwords then the problem together just gather here these tight tube So first plate one half of the bag
  • 11:32: and I move on to another then you need to have to Sites that have a height pens so that's one part maruchas watering look here I I want to share with such moments such how to smoothly and smooth curve of note this purse too smooth curve up here due to what It turns out here
  • 12:02: somewhere well short of several rows up end I change small stands I put in first conventional tube newspaper and now in this way diagonally cut away our tough stand neatly and
  • 12:30: It obtained in the first due to the fact that diagonally cut away in Secondly due to the fact that at first we had on two lines basis and then in the end weaving we go one for us and obtained a barely barely noticeable rounding but it I think all the same plays a role if look previous bags this was not and here I liked it from the That dopletaem
  • 13:01: necessary the number of rows first by hugging then the door gradually one by one duct for we dopleli like usual Refill Bending It is not practiced because discontinuous surface so I neatly dressed with 4 or
  • 13:36: even more so this is complemented by and that's exactly curve advanced molds the top It seems
  • 14:00: pretty if me some was pulling there is now completed on what moment I have I wanted to stop that we carefully It happened here
  • 14:31: I mean at first tried and wrapped in total number of option would stopped tried and I stopped here on that First I grease pva thick part to not just blossomed I give a little to stand up usually but now here at I get a lot of time there I show you why
  • 15:00: like that's what I'm doing farther on I accurately count Ameline scissors cut the continuous So and then shoot
  • 15:31: then again oiling was good so generously, and his pen slightly raised I align look it lays down clearly but our joint again promazyvayut I grabbed all good
  • 16:00: thus not It turned out pretty smooth transition pay me Now that circumcision our rough edges it is not visible on the tube gently force. Here is a small the same trick we perform with the other side and give dry then I usually promazyvat Basically it is possible here not just promazyvat then cut nice to miss the mark to his seal and further
  • 16:32: ordinary primer and processing after drying varnish opening here I do not like I think the color can I'll have some light patina because the newspaper tube if it It was a black-and-white is it would have been vl1 but here's some light discontent I became even if think about how get rid of frustration how to further refine the but the principle day weaving
  • 17:00: I understand it Positioned as here handbag for ladies for example if a handbag those baskets we It was as if someone more farm it as it were, with claim to here in general street all india gelatin sensor I want to weave a handbag here very, very pleased