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  • 00:00: m So m let's learn how to cut here is a picture of the box with liver estimates such a pattern can be arranged
  • 00:30: eg tablet sleeve see how it can accurately to look like and like this can he this figure used when Ryazan Mari language hats socks It can be how to arrange items Kenenisa a word a lot of opportunity to all Use of this drawing this two-color pattern let's let's call green thread noted a bright thread
  • 01:02: this figure equals hood 6 and Beijing for example after it is not necessary to strip the amount of five to six fold width our sample e.g. is 34 5 3 nights during circular movement the amount of which is that it will be the multiplicity of six drawing a diagram that we are going to write odd ranks must read from right to left
  • 01:30: reporting 3 from left to right and this symbol former first row it is today nothing works it is not good but the colors all the songs in the first person to come on foot
  • 02:01: is wrong sides Yashin second theater Second series network of this by knitting wrong side and continue to work meeting ie green thread we ended up knitting a second series there were only happen forging Petlin following Fedur we will work nothing would so in order to prepare for work we can now conduct but would thread in the work
  • 02:32: he is the last loop is forging drinking had spent double thread but I worked on the front side This is the third series work will let alone the estimated thread then remove the first loop design putin So first remove the boiler would not trade phenomenon workers have a thread before work and like this
  • 03:01: then had spent Three whole Beijing then again 3 whether there is a solo shoot Dniproavia With no work before work then again three facial and so on until the end of the theater butyne alternate
  • 03:30: we end the third row of Ryazan Here's an example below Three facial May 3 we've got three of these actions with them non-governmental none of their work and the last loop the chrome night check on the ISS in eastern China and remind you think that the width found throwing 34 5 minute so cook something to work but the wrong side and will cut
  • 04:00: fourth row fourth rows are first mood cut next loop we will shoot also wrong Sana'a only wrong Clinton my working thread will deliver at work but since removed the windows streaked Beijing then on foot the rate at night Beijing three loops we charge no of course not
  • 04:32: leaving training at work 2003 May 3 Yashin underside So we continue to knit number 3 top of the loop seamy side Three hinges shooting is not spent with us for a thread work Ryazan we finish fourth reactor these three five-year plan we have removed unfriendly then that's who spent one of the scientific
  • 05:02: Petlin and the last five years is the crown of reading but of course we have it as a 6 Lanka I'll ne period is the front side work first remove the loop is not made it to this cork drink three loops had spent the face and then three loops will remove non-governmental
  • 05:30: the oil before going to work facial ranks of the working month during the peak of withdrawal we have before work That's how these three points check revealed Zion Again correspondence with him and not held with any other before work So we continue knitting fifth options a third follower face correspondence and remove non-governmental
  • 06:01: positioning the working thread before work ending five years these three Five-Year Plan authorities incorrectly replaced before work then Sands had spent three face and Beijing is the last 4 except hang it purl Feklin words than work novelty night side
  • 06:31: even six reactors Crimean loops shoot if in 1203 is sinful seamy side then correspondence and shooting was not checked for a moment no saving work the following estimations Yashin underside So keep knitting this series
  • 07:00: Arbitration Yashin and science three sand shot is not clarified for oil work finishing knitting sixth reactor Petals has been removed from non-governmental these three Sands following boiling water Yashin underside and the last five years of the Crimean Press Media wrong side I did all the papers This front side
  • 07:32: We continue to work over the limit seconds the first peak there is an understanding to sag who is honest drink next loop a loop ii report we are also with them not trade zone Mitya before work then the thrill of Cyprus Ryashin face after looking repitsky they shoot the wrong question is now these works
  • 08:00: and the next 3 5 3 assembly bind face I want to draw your attention to the fact that peak on the needles hang differently because which is now clearly invented Hall and which is not removed Verification now are we clearly warned they hang out in the usual way so we them Beach in the usual manner but it Third baked you come up with a scientific shot unconventional so now the test with her
  • 08:32: debit upekli we do decline from left to right ie at Ryazan NATO So entrepreneurs May 3 liter three insulating five years remove untested So it continued Ryazan option 3 3 days strong noise shooting without regaining consciousness we finished recorded version at the end of a number of these three does not filmed Pekhtin
  • 09:00: hanged but then face Tereshin and the last five years is the night we chrome welcome seamy loop to this algorithm the figure was more than understandable degree I want to draw your attention to the fact that everytime Beijing spent removing the names in this part of Iraq put forward but so nice loop and as a result get a pass because kia sloping line
  • 09:30: removed from the brush it's a seamy side We proceed to the publication of the eighth row Kromskom shooting night Yaroslavl Ryazan with the fact that first census we shoot me of course not positioning the workplace for work the next three-five years Yashin underside So continue knitting is unlikely Pehlevi Auchan underside and so on May 3 and remove no Of course I
  • 10:03: we finish knitting the eighth row in the end of the row we have two loops removed without passing noisy in 1900 disposals writers forces These green so we need ready for work and for this not recorded with the firm spent the washers double thread like this physicians working on the front side
  • 10:31: and proceed to the Scriptures Director options we start not in ninth options The first part of this resignation connected shot peak rejected Beriev the ninth edition of the series start a green strings is Nikita usually removed following the third movie filmed there of course not
  • 11:01: you believe workplace before work then the third glue held them all facial beach come other persons he so continue as usual loop bus 3 the third shooting Finally, the week of this series on 33 May 3, we provided Now remove the two loops non-governmental and the last five years it apart from four Miyagi province machine-loop
  • 11:31: and cook than work and the wrong side 80 period work Semenova thread color other than honest shooting following the vicissitudes of shooting is not getting through famous work then you lose the third mts science So continues the publication this version ending Ryazan embodiment dozen
  • 12:00: we spent edition of these three if wrong then two loops do not remove spent with other the work of the scientific offer like this he says expert news online wrong side advocate cuts in one of this series Work is continuing Michiko initiated colors except those loops shooting NGO then
  • 12:30: but Kiev remove non-governmental and we have a working thread before work the following correspondence to their press person then in correspondence with them checks I once again want to draw your note that the first part of a terrorist attack loops were taken inclination problem and now we Yashin second part removal Beijing rejected Prague
  • 13:01: e.g. Hall May 3 it coefficient following third krill We had without checking the most rally in front of the work then again shuttle correspondence with him So we continue knitting in this series finishing Ryazan Kyodo Now these three pennies on the wall slotted then from the provinces but such person
  • 13:31: and the last five years, Akron 4 drove Lopez on feet we will work holiday parties 12 period chrome hinges night shooting then The following two loops this version seamy side no sag Now here the next shot does not regaining consciousness leaving the workplace works
  • 14:00: Okay then thrill Yashin underside Another five have to dance like this next Klepiki wheelchairs and taking pictures So This version continues the publication finishing with 12 design options these three five-year plan we have removed I do not know her no work next day, Beijing passed its seamy
  • 14:31: and left coach Beverage on its underside market forecasts turn the work on the front side even in 13 years usually hinges shooting The following two loops held him face and five years takes without regaining consciousness leaving the working oil and it works like this following correspondence and the top face and so on
  • 15:02: end of the series continue to work for 3 5 or mistakes Lane and St. Petersburg we ended up knitting 13 ceremony these three fives we shot without regaining consciousness three loops Yashin face Akron did last night she spent wrong side and turn work I do not know the number of sides
  • 15:30: Yashin page 4 this is the last sending but we are shooting beer not held a Anna Treasury night ridge of the thread reserve work three Petlin Yashin out on the Ring Road March 5 leu I do not know them stranded The following 3 5 3 Yashin So we continue to work before the end of this variant
  • 16:04: we finished this drawing the height of Ryazan We hung the whole report will continue dignity You may be starting from the front row The lesson is over