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8 lesson "Вязать hook легко!" The Magnificent column \/ Crochet 7 lesson 3 - double crochet cluster\/bobble  See details »

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  • 00:00: all greetings in this video we will learn from you new element Crochet is lush column I love this element fit it so easy fun get very cute texturally it's zagotovochka for children's beret it is fully connected Now these very lush columns Knitting in the end It is tight texture and very even in the cushy Schemes lush column sometimes portrayed different here such
  • 00:30: options I found at Internet open spaces that's an option found in most old some publications and now a Now I shoot drawn today it we will contact you and learn to knit lush column So we start to knit I will try slowly to you for I have time but if that rewind Video back and provyazyvat also so the left hand impose thread
  • 01:00: We get it under and on forefinger we do first air loop we have according to our scheme 1 a number that's it from us my 10 aircraft loops if I do not 6 to 10 mistaken stitches and plus 2 for the next a number of lift proceed hook factory under thread
  • 01:31: We do turn it we will have 1 air loop and knit 10 January 2 kryuchochek we start from ourselves fourth strongly loops do not stretch 5 but too tight is not very leave 10 stitches I
  • 02:07: I have knit for scheme and now for rise next we need to make a number of 2 more air loop 1 2 Our lush column we do get from the beginning of the series in ninth as can be consider seredinka petelechki count 1 Air loop here we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 right here in the ninth
  • 02:37: we are going doing a magnificent column in order to associate gingerbread column to do sc We do nakida from himself and immediately insert hook in the loop which will be attached lush bar is there where from 9 loops beginning pull and further this stage we Now you need this more stretch here pull out as soon as
  • 03:08: you can pull all on longer stretches Again we do sc insert to the same in the the loop pull additionally it is the straight stretch pull possible as a Only here it turns out to draw this is the second time we We made and pulled 3 again nakida obtained in the sc the third time we enter the pull loop further and stretch and behold so we turned
  • 03:40: there are a lot drink and so the lever now very gently you take once more and through all these petelechki it should be I stretch it Got bruised but Beginners usually loop somewhere It stuck like confused you rush you all We get pulled and Now fasten yet time and further so here we the first column of a lush look how a plump appetizing turned
  • 04:10: Here on the scheme at we have between each lush columns will be on top air petelechka and at the bottom we, too, one air skip knit do next one aerial loop and look where we are We will knit bottom that's missing here here we will knit the next, and so again, provyazyvaem magnificent column do sc do not rush to insert based on our
  • 04:42: We pull out the loop and pull here here So the more you you pull the volume is not you get a magnificent So I do the column I made 2 sc again we insert pull further and third time again sc paste pull more that's pulled from all three us
  • 05:13: elongated take additional and you can stretch out here So step by step here and so to kryuchochek you were You can see where passes do not rush here the main stretch through here and again further fixed in principle here we are with you and you We learned how to fit in such a magnificent column, you see I I made here air loop between the previous lush column is not It is about to happen village and knitting
  • 05:43: and if you do not do these air loop is get this here dense knitting let's do it again repeat Air sc loop 1 in the bottom skip following it here here insert gat additional loop 1 pulled and second time sc gat additional loop
  • 06:14: stretched a third time sc We reach those gat personal and anchoring it all through loops and again consolidated let's associate another One way to tell We consolidate our knowledge
  • 06:44: at the base of malachite We pull out and pull additional loop sc at the base We pull here the main draw horoshenechko and sc third time gat through
  • 07:15: and consolidated and a A number of principles can be complete the same the lush column have the last but you can make it just do air loop usually so and ends ordinary post with one sc the latter's here Here's the way we learned with you
  • 07:46: today lush column I ' element like this I hope that you all succeed subscribe to my channel and you always easily find my Other video features you are interested in my Video sewing and so I waiting for you on our the next lesson to while meeting all good luck