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  • 00:00: greetings to all snowflakes lovers if you want to learn analysis Till his bait pitifully your site dedicated this case 100 snow dot ru there you will find all on cutting snowflakes and now I go three I know ways of folding need paper snowflakes lead to A4
  • 00:31: it is turned off two and then We outline the center of the sheet from this point on center to divide istick fold into three parts his first threesome the way it is done easy on the eye without all tools and to slightly gerona the scene can be put and half again
  • 01:13: Skidan Now we get such zagotovochka on this line first to leave the way if you hard on the eyes is all do you need take advantage of or compass transported takes a compass and We envisage the same
  • 01:45: way from the center from the center of the sheet leafy part of any radius as the notch here are here are here and the crook now transfers compass needle in point section and here too the same box Kiev
  • 02:17: through here these here location and intersected our born crossed circle through these and it is necessary to point fold leaf Similarly, it will be we lost three equal portions Dad and us again
  • 02:51: This cutting line and a third method a protractor if you ever since school days save this today tool we will use
  • 03:23: very comfortably I carry likewise turned Cabal outlined 300 cents and apply protractor just We note the spider 60 and 120 degrees through these also point or turn off the you can advance to prepare a trafaretik necessary
  • 03:55: only make a protractor and each of the apartments times when you fold the snow at user to make a note here likewise I turn off As we can see, we have three
  • 04:41: ways to give same result folded paper we It turns 12 and layers scared that here We formed 30 the following degrees lesson we draw pattern on snow flakes prepare as these