Irina Brajnikova

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Jewelry from vegetables (we do a curl and a flower of a cucumber and a garden radish). Decoration of vegetables - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:02: Now I'll show you how to make zavitochek Cucumber us required half ring thickness somewhere 45 we do millimeters two cuts not until the end of one 2 incision and the incision not to
  • 00:30: it turns out at the end We have these 3 petals twirl one sides and on the other hand Here is a flower in We have now obtained left to do flower from radish or tomato
  • 01:24: cut into thin rings
  • 01:49: We make an incision in middle take two ringlet the third part is cut off
  • 02:09: 1 and 2 wrap so that fat It turned me Now let us take thin much fat it has already poorly wrapped
  • 02:30: it is necessary that it was very so thinly sliced So I wrapped and now slips in the middle of a cut in Here is a flower in we had a send it to my a plate