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  • 00:04: I've got an email here from Donna I was getting I'm sorry if I pronounced that wrong um but Don said hi Julian in my point of view learning languages means learning culture since I learned not only about writing but also about speaking in English it is really interesting because of the direct way to express opinion quite different from the Vietnamese way before I have practiced
  • 00:32: listening it was quite difficult because I did not understand about the opposite meaning like emphasis anyway the culture plays an important role in the way of learning English yeah now I 100% agree with you um culture is extremely important um and this is kind of a tricky subject in English because one for example Japanese is spoken
  • 01:02: basically in Japan and you know if I learn what I did learn Japanese then I learn about Japanese culture and it's pretty straightforward and if you don't understand Japanese culture you don't have a hope in hell of understanding the language probably all the way or why people say the things that they do and the way that they do in English this is a little bit tricky because it's used in many countries and as an international
  • 01:30: language and so you have kind of British culture and American culture and Canadian culture in Australian culture and culture from New Zealand and they're all completely different and then you have kind of English as a lingua franca English as this kind of international language and you could argue that that is a cultureless language um but I would say that if you're planning you need to learn about the culture of the people
  • 02:01: with whom you are planning to use English so this is pretty straightforward if you're going to use English in England or in America absolutely must learn about British culture and that's why my premium audio lessons on which you can find on my website there's a link under this video by the way that's why one set of those is called British stories and they're all about British culture because if you want to
  • 02:30: get ahead in Britain or if you want to be successful in Britain then you've got to know about the culture otherwise it doesn't matter how good your English is things are gonna go wrong if you're going to be using English in for example Singapore then yeah learn as much as you can about Singapore and Singaporean culture if you're gonna be using the English in India then learn about the culture in India and well yeah I guess this is kind of stating the obvious but
  • 03:00: if you're planning on working or doing business with other countries then before you go off to do that business then maybe even before you think about learning the language I would say learn about the culture and then you will find that even if your language skills your linguistic skills are not that great I think you will find things will go through a smoothly because people will can people can see that you understand their culture and that you've made an
  • 03:32: attempt to understand them as a person and as a people so yeah um yeah but I 100% agree with you basically yeah culture is important very important very very very important yeah I think that's about it