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  • 00:04: is that there's a lot of people I definitely have to Theo what's up world it's your boy chunk I mean village go here and today I am wearing a really cool hat that I got as a present from when I was in Russia because as of right now I am in America
  • 00:31: but no no don't worry don't worry people I am pretty sure I will be coming back to Russia within about 40 days and hopefully one day I will be able to also go to Brazil cuz a lot of people in Brazil asking for me but I'd rather get there before Brazil has wintertime I don't want to get down with Brazil as winter had enough winter in Russia it is actually colder here in New York right now then it was when I was in Moscow I didn't see that coming weird but anyway today we're going to have a really cool and interesting lesson today we're going to learn many
  • 01:00: ways to use the word get that's right the verb to get but what's interesting is when we take the word to get and add one of these words to it it changes the whole meaning to the word get it becomes a phrasal verb so let's get down and learning these phrasal verbs why waste time the first one is to get up now what does it mean to get up well together has many many different meanings one common meaning for this one is to wake up like when you get out of the bed in the morning that's getting up me since I
  • 01:30: came back from Russia I'm not used to it here so I get up everyday around two o'clock in the morning that's when I get out of the bed that's when I get up another definition for this is it just stands on your feet so if you fall down and then look at you and say hey man get up that means to get on your feet to stand up does another one forget a third one forget up is the third definition for the phrase get up is actually a slang definition and this one means to catch up so for example if I see a friend that I didn't
  • 02:01: see for a very long time I can say to him hey man you want to get out later that means to catch up talk hang up to get to learn more things about each other because we haven't seen each other in a long time get up that's three so let's get to the next one and the next one is to get down well the first and most common what I know to forget down is dancing saying get down is a common way to tell somebody to dance that's one another one for getting down is is to basically remove your body from
  • 02:32: a higher position to a lower one so if there's some kids climbing the ladder or climbing the stairs you can say hey get down you don't belong up there he's not just going to start dancing hopefully he's going to move down away from the high position to a lower one that's to get down that's to so simple let's get to the next one the next one is is to get it and where does it mean to get in well getting it means to enter so if you want to enter a store you have to get in
  • 03:00: by entering the front door or entering the window if you're a weirdo that's getting in to enter and you can also use get in for being accepted maybe you're not literally entering a place but you're accepted into a group so if there's a bunch of people over there not one be one of them and I asked about join and they say yes you may join hey I got in they let me get into the group I joined them so it's the inter or to join next one to get out now to get out is the opposite kind of the first one is to leave a place or leave a group so if I
  • 03:32: go outside right now first I would have to get out of my house if I were in a group and I didn't want to be in a group anymore I don't have to get out of the group like that and another slight definition for get out is asked me to stop saying what you're saying I don't believe you it can't be true so for example since I've been here in America whenever people ask me where have you been I always say I was in Russia for about a year physics get out you aren't in Russia yes I was
  • 04:00: get out you heard in Russia no one believes me so they told me that get out and get out means we don't believe you there's no way that can be true like that let's get to the next one and the next one is to get right now what does it mean to get right well to get right basically means to be on a good standing with someone or something or basically to have a great relationship so the best example I can give is when people who believe in God meet people who don't believe in God or people who are not religious they're likely to say
  • 04:30: something like you need to get it right with the Lord and what they mean by you need to get right with the Lord means you need to be on the Lord's good side you need to be his good friend you need to trust the Lord and the Lord needs to be able to trust you now I'm not telling you to trust the Lord or anything I'm using this as an example to get it right means to be on good standings with someone or something that's good right let's get to the next one and the next one is to get around now for one the most common one forget around means to
  • 05:00: travel I get around especially around Russia I've been in 20 different cities I gave lessons in all of those cities I lived in at least 40 different places when I was in Russia I was just in the apartments hotel I got around that whole country the whole country and it was so fast no even though there for 10 months it only feels like I was there for 10 days but it was amazing can't wait to do it again you know me I'm up for anything so yeah I got around Russia that means I was in a lot of different areas traveling back and forth that's getting
  • 05:32: around and a slang definition the second one the slang definition to get around is basically to be popular amongst people of the other sex so if you're a guy who's constantly with one girl you hang out with another girl you hang out with another girl people will look at you and say wow my friend you get around that means you know a lot of different people are the opposite sex that you usually hang out with so if you're a guys you hang out with a lot of different girls you get around if you girl hangs out with lot of different
  • 06:01: guys you get around but it's not looked at as the same thing no but yeah you you get around and that's getting around so let's get to the next one the next one for today is to get over and when you get over something means you move past it and it no longer affects your emotions for example a lot of times girls get dumped by their boyfriends or boys get done by their girlfriends and these people tend to cry all the time and cry all the time and feel bad about it but once they get over it they no longer cry and they
  • 06:31: don't think about it anymore that's a move past it is in your past and it doesn't bother you sure you may think about it sometimes but it doesn't touch your emotions that is getting over something that's one second definition to getting over something it's literally either jump climb or walk over something that's getting over it so they say during back in the day when there was a wall in Berlin if someone were able to jump really really high or climb it or something and go to the other side they
  • 07:00: got over the wall just like that get over is to basically go on top of something to get to the other side that's getting over so let's get to the next and last one for today and this one is to get under now getting under is the exact opposite of get over if you could go under something oh he got under the wall he gonna went under the wall whatever but another way used is to get under someone's skin this is very commonly used now when you get under someone's skin that means you are really
  • 07:31: annoying someone you're really getting to their emotions and you're pissing them off they just want to punch you in your face that's getting under someone's skin so it's basically like imagining a bug who likes to climb inside of your skin and crawl around that would be annoying and aggravating right well when you annoy someone and they say you're getting under their skin they're saying you're just as annoying as a Bob Hope crawls in your skin and he's in your body and he won't leave and there you go man that is our eight ways if you can get as a phrasal verb for today so you know what that means and
  • 08:02: that's the end of the episode for today I hope you liked it I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned your stuff try to add me class let's go that's me and subscribe to my youtube page see all of my videos so to everyone in Russia I'm sorry Ella but I promise I will be back soon soon as I get some invites I'll let you guys know right now we're looking at May so if your school or some kind of institution who wants me to do some classes in your city contact me it's not that hard I successfully gutter classes in 20 different cities in
  • 08:31: Russia and I'd love to make you the next one and that's basically it people I'm not and you know you know what the guy says at the end of the video and don't be racist so don't be right that is his catchphrase