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  • 00:11: English Union when I have an apple and its synonyms in spite of despite Union review or region means although yet despite on and after should design
  • 00:30: sUBJECT + sometimes the predicate It is also used even Hall Hall for agreements and white kiosk at Count the sun shone and was pretty cold consider you teach slides into these here, these let her have to go to work though she was a Saturday
  • 01:04: the match was very even psid visible edge she did not cry though It was severely upset and plunged shave his Hades game, etc. even though I I'm very tired I agreed to help her cause It can sometimes stand end of the sentence
  • 01:30: be an adverb in this case offer sounds as an afterthought help and puzzle soundsgood and is rescued and server it offer sounds tempting but I and all I do not believe in the coordinates got a i like the color room the machine is not very good Although the answer to me I liked
  • 02:03: prepositions in spite of despite means despite contrary to these prepositions fully but synonymous note that they should spell separately and used with of a despite written together and used without of despite It has a few more formal and sound
  • 02:31: often used in writing after these words sentence you must put noun pronoun visas y from z or verb end ing in spite of the fact that the in -game down safes in spite of the fog plane safely landed
  • 03:02: What about for your patent Therefore, the entire what the thread of cleaning it misbehaving but I felt despite it went to work medical aid in subsides I'm not bitter Kolda weary although he worked all day began despite his heel posted
  • 03:30: tarpaulin Razin and he did not I got a job despite the brilliant summary subscribe to our video channel and visit our site Engle secret dot ru we will open you another many secrets in English studying with us and if you like our lesson nezabudte put Like thanks