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  • 00:11: verb will show and water cases the use of the verb Will It has one form all pronouns and used in the following cases a first for directions
  • 00:31: future tense of all four groups at times outright opel I'll try you help fetch a simple wait while you begin to more at five o'clock What will you do tomorrow at five o'clock continuous counter and here
  • 01:02: finish 1000 power dvd and I I finish the job end of day chip cheese fact slave improving been working 8 o'clock as it already is work at three o'clock Filch perfect continuous
  • 01:32: also verb howl used in situations in which We need to express polite request will you place a panda get out, be kind, open He was not fed and The heat from the rest kind call me later
  • 02:02: verb years is derivative of Will and used in the following cases the first in a conditional sentences with no actual conditions in such cases, years corresponds to Russian particles would if a lot of money and his dubai new to If I had a lot of money
  • 02:31: I would buy a new car and frigates pancakes but gout landmines site if I got I would go to vacation sea the second in the indirect speech last time he said he would have my I get out of it baksiz He said it will
  • 03:00: me with these boxes 3 in situations where it is necessary express polite request in such cases, years interchangeable with will will you place all kind of winter So I place open the window 4 to describe actions regularly was happening in
  • 03:30: last but not occurring in more like this cases it translated usually I make matters something and interchangeable with structure and bridle and that we began a withdrawal his trailer in his childhood we used to play at River verb shall
  • 04:05: used in the following situations first interrogative sentences when need instruction advice or tips Sholokhov beer here bx help you with these bags Matthew seams Go on a road
  • 04:31: go like situations verb shall often replaced Court verb with his father to go out at sau from clown to go out and What are we going to do in separation questions after let's blitz
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