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  • 00:11: good The bodice and the fogged verbs bodice and fucked often confused because they translated but equally to forget they are used different value
  • 00:30: verb for bed forget have to miss Memory you can forget something or someone he always fucked rinse Olaf we would she always forgets my phone number and I wave and extortionist I never forget you you can forget do something ive
  • 01:02: cucumber noodle party name I forgot to tell him about party down for dead tek liner do not forget to clean up my room the basic meaning Liv leave verb so if you leave you forget that is, We left something somewhere it should be use the verb
  • 01:30: whether I took my power I forgot or office leave your umbrella in office in May as the I Love ethereum hackers I chan I forgot the car keys home and I had to return as verb Liv has a value
  • 02:00: leave leave somewhere heal hp quay preteen video is a down he went 3 of UK days ago ah Hope Guy said the forest avanti throws I hope they soon leave I want to go to sleep note that adding verb
  • 02:30: hives pretexts for value changes it practically oppositely go somewhere and traces he left for new york yesterday he I went to New York and evil wing fonchik unsun he soon It leaves Japan or phrase in Samara ll
  • 03:00: means leave someone alone saw own a working leave me alone I working lens to goal mind and leave tapeworm dog alone it sleeps subscribe In our video channel and visit our site inhalation secret dot ru we will open you another many secrets
  • 03:30: in English studying with us and if you like our lesson nezabudte put Like thanks