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  • 00:00: hello today I will cook marbled meat 700 grams of chicken we shall cut long strips I shift in meat bowl add 25 grams instant teaspoon gelatin dried dill teaspoon salt half teaspoon dried ground paprika and through the press extruded 5 cloves garlic I add some
  • 00:31: black pepper all mix thoroughly the meat was baked in arm and rectangular shape sleeve length should It will be much longer than the length of the form I close the sleeve with one side clips which is attached and Uploads meat in their hands spreading to the masses Each other try spread the meat under size form close the
  • 01:02: clip with another the end of hands with meat I put form I leave at room temperature for an hour the meat slightly marinated preheated to 180 degree oven I put on the form average and I bake for exactly an hour the meat has cooled slightly, I one end of the turn sleeve to release excess water
  • 01:33: On top, place understand folded several Ananias load in layers as cargo took kg of cereals and will distribute evenly across meat surface chilled form I put in refrigerator for 8 hours I take off their hands and we shall cut speckle in meat
  • 02:17: integrally after cooling perfectly We held a can be decoration holiday table subscribe to Channel place husky Comment I share your friends I wish you a pleasant appetite