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  • 00:00: Hello everyone and welcome Welcome to another lesson knitting shaman father this lesson, we'll learn to knit several species cords rather view cord 1 but not much changes itself knitting and principle Thus, we We get to you completely different here is a more cords
  • 00:30: dense and more a matter of fact, even knitting principle It remains the same only changes the number of loops which is used but where to apply similar types of cords it is up to you may be straps and handles bags in general that come up so you and will let attack begins knitting as always the first loop do
  • 01:00: the first loop on hook and now We begin to knit the most a thin cord in it can be easily use quality Strapless some Knits or as just a simple decorative cords in order to connect this cord We need to score 2 Air loop January 2 then we introduce
  • 01:31: hook the first loop the second from the hook and provyazyvaem column without nakida ready Now overturn knitting after we We turned introduce hook like inside column clinging one stenochku and second ready provyazyvaem another column without
  • 02:04: sc pulled the noose and a column without sc and again, expand knitting now we will little easier watts again, they are our stenochki just a little below 2 Keep it light tighten knitting that then easily find the right wall hinge and again provyazyvaem column
  • 02:34: Again, without sc So they unfold our stenochki and provyazyvaem column Again, without sc unfold here already clearly visible walls in which we you need to enter the hook ready provyazyvaem
  • 03:06: column, without sc Again, expand and again introducing the hook in side walls columns you see here they are formed just following side walls unfold introduce them and hook provyazyvaem column
  • 03:39: without sc again, expand and provyazyvaem here at we have seen the side stenochki turns and We introduce them hooked knit again
  • 04:13: side stenochki Again, expand and provyazyvaem that's what We still get we continue to knit in the same manner to achieve the desired length and so I knit a little more to have been it is clear what we have to That will have a will we ordinary flat cord
  • 04:43: and depending on the look kind of yarn he will be different but thus remain flat is now let's try Here's a tie cord it is more voluminous and He has had the brink all three sides of the I is, if it so watch it soon triangular fit it is on the same principle
  • 05:13: the only thing that the number of loops will be used a little more and so Again, we do the first loop and vyvyazyvayut 3 Air loop 1 2 3 is now ready to enter the second hook
  • 05:43: loop on the hook We pull working thread and provyazyvaem column, without sc and then the next hook and loop, enter again provyazyvaem column, without sc and Now we slightly turn knitting Now she was seeing But in such a situation we are launching We reckon 1 2 2 Loop
  • 06:14: and in sidewalls of the two loops we introduce the hook so once again stenochka just the walls and points 2 and provyazyvaem column without nakida ready then do not turn over to
  • 06:44: end and find The following two loops and here they are introduce them and hook again provyazyvaem column, without sc but once again turn not until the end of the input hook in the side
  • 07:14: wall and provyazyvaem column, without sc again a little but cranking Again, see our It yields 1 loop 2 and 3 1 2 3 turn but not to end and introduce the hook in a side loop
  • 07:44: the main thing is not to catch others were knit again a little bit
  • 08:15: So they turn we again side eyelets introduce them and hook provyazyvaem column Again, without sc a little bit turn following and provyazyvaem ie if you look at us It yields 1 2 and 3 again introduce the hook and
  • 08:46: provyazyvaem column ie, without sc knitting principle It remains the same well, when knit some distance orientate it will be easier because that our cord edge appears here a second and third the line becomes like triangular and respectively navigate where enter hook it becomes a little a little easier So they turn
  • 09:21: our loop introduce the hook and provyazyvaem column without sc and thus can continue for a anything distance vyvyazyvaya but the cord and the cord often called gusenichka cord knit but also as a result of
  • 10:04: it turns out that's a triangular lace but if you look at already finished more the long cord it turns out he's so again all It depends on the type of nitochek and as you can see it is even a little stretched it second type cord based on the same principle, but now let's consider the latter species is here such as you see it
  • 10:35: practically all I have not and if no faces we think logically the flat cord we It consisted of two loops triangular cord of three if we take 4 Air loop we succeed four-sided cord but this cable is connected from the 5 stitches input is the same principle
  • 11:05: Again, we do the first loop and 5 recruit air loops 1 2 3 4 5 Getting the same We introduce the hook in the second loop of the hook provyazyvaem column, without sc then the next again without a column
  • 11:37: nakida following 3 column, without sc and The latter is obtained 4 column, without sc Now deploy our and knitting believe 1 2 3 4 a loop and thus in the hook us We need to introduce side of the loop fourth column 1
  • 12:07: eyelet none of the floor and loop the second is ready ie here we still remains four bars and Now we would like we form 5 at the same time closing the knitting in ring Here we are not ready We need much roll out knitting just look
  • 12:37: carefully here we but there is a loop following 2 half-loop for which we and cling provyazyvaem column sc without further following that is it must be remembered that the This knitting we will be formed 5 floor loops and we vyvyazyvayut in
  • 13:11: a par five columns without sc following 2 half-loop In principle you easily find them if a little be trained and will continue perfectly clear where These are semi single loop the beginning of the course difficult to find them all but a few practices and all necessarily
  • 13:41: get this loop we knit and her right I slept through the loop and 2 half-loop only that they may be a bit prolonged and threaded through the They can be hooked difficult in the initial stages but
  • 14:18: and provyazyvaem provyazyvaem all time bars without sc let's do it again see where we and so introduce a hook Now he is our shuras Here is the last loop and immediately after her 2 half loop 1 upper and second just below is
  • 14:48: That provyazyvaem column without nakida not tightening bars again immediately after current loop Again, there are 2 for which half-loop we provyazyvaem and so further and this we were binding on
  • 15:22: we needed length cord so thick cord can be used Knitting e.g. handles for bags as you can see here that we get it actually Hollow cord finish to quietly spend in it is possible to hook
  • 15:52: like something such tie way but then naturally required some more loops But of the five loops in we get here a cord again its volume will depend on hook you use and from which the yarn activated knitting that's all as for knitting these cords and I'll see you at the next
  • 16:23: lesson Sincerely, Sasha moon