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We knit a hook - a casket from the yarn remains (part 2) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear girls of the needlewoman and welcome to father's knitting lessons shimon is the second part of the lesson on knitting Here is a casket of of yarn residues we have already tied up outer wall of our caskets for the desired height so that the completely entered
  • 00:31: inside walls further We will need to tie interior walls but before that we must deploy knitting twice first in horizontal direction and then vertically down as we will do it we start knitting do the lifting loop and further we are with you
  • 01:04: we knit for the backs of our loops that is look again at each loop is front wall is then what is closer to us here she and the back wall this is what is further from We will knit us for posterior stenochki insert the hook into the loop and we sew a column without crochet knitting still needs to
  • 01:34: stay sufficiently dense after we tied a number of end we finish it knitting in circle with connective post if we look then now we have our the top is easy bends inwards now we need and from horizontal position knitting
  • 02:04: come again vertically and now only vertically down for this we again make a loop lifting and again we knit for back walls of loops grounds that is just once again expand knitting so we knitting begins inner wall
  • 02:34: if you want to inner wall You can knit in one thread then it a little more slender will be still knit in 2 thread and density external and internal walls will be the same a number of other we sew for the back wall and we obtain so interesting beautiful neat the bend continues knit a row to the end
  • 03:05: again finishing a number we enclose it in a ring closed now we can Try on knitting our basis insert the base
  • 03:38: inside and see what occurs our knitting fairly easy turns inside and next stage it will be knotted inner wall knit we will be faithful as well as the external wall with columns without cap for both sides loops of the bottom row on
  • 04:08: length sufficient for that our the canvas came to the foundation of our caskets that is to say this circle from within After that we can connect the internal wall with the bottom of our caskets so that nothing is everything turned out looked beautiful so for now
  • 04:38: pull out and continue to knit conventional posts without a crochet for both walls do not forget loop and knit this time already for both stenochki this way still changing
  • 05:09: color but internal part of us is not so much it is very important therefore there you can even do not think about the color that you take but if you want it then you can make beautiful casket and outside and from the inside so that when one of the strings we will end simply attach which something else we will continue the same way knit until length of the inner wall will not reach the bottom of our casket
  • 05:40: after our inner wall was related us length we cut all the tips of the threads are superfluous and fill them with inside our casket what do we do next take our base and insert inside to end so that she rested on the bottom
  • 06:12: our future caskets next we bend knitting and dressing inwards inner wall caskets and neatly straighten out this then what do you see inside we need them smooth out it should turn out
  • 06:45: so that is inside too, everything is enough smooth and good next we are waiting is sufficient responsible step we we take here such a needle with wide eyelet and take any color which we I like it here I'll take the remainder orange cut them a bit
  • 07:19: length and I will thread the needle in the eyelet ready then you can either tie a knot in The tip of a thread is not way that you
  • 07:50: like it or then somehow get close to inside and fix the thread and what will we do? alternately in to put a needle in a loop internal walls are not very clearly seen but something like this and withdraw the needle through the bottom is like this
  • 08:20: then we will again insert into the bottom of our caskets and display through a loop last row inner wall further we insert
  • 08:53: the next loop of the needle and again deduce from sides of the bottom like this again insert The next loop is already from the bottom and make sure that our thread went to wall loop
  • 09:26: and so we sew the bottom of our caskets again we pass this process can be not very good
  • 09:56: is visible However, I think that with sewing no one There are no problems and all will go well there are no special skills except perhaps handling a needle with thread from us is not will also be required attached we attach to the bottom all
  • 10:26: inner wall our casket continue to the end until the whole wall is will be sewn to one after we passed the whole circle just enter a thread inside the wall and raise her a little above not to tie up nodules and cut right next to the place exit all our walls are strong and
  • 10:57: secure you can also attentively To look superfluous strings of some kind sticking out to fill in this moment the box looks like this and in principle already can be used for example as pencils or for storage of the same hooks looks like beautiful and interesting and for visual heat I would say but we are still we make from it
  • 11:27: casket so we will knit also a cap as well as on this casket however, we we will knit already in next lesson I while I'm saying goodbye to you see you at following classes Sincerely your Sasha