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  • 00:00: Hello dear girls needlewoman and welcome to Knitting lessons from Sasha we in this lesson we you discuss knitting concave columns or as they are call purl relief bars and purl Does facial convex columns we have already Now knit see what is 2 make a difference air hinges turn knitting Again, look at the Our column has
  • 00:30: knit leg we just for her but do nakida and introduce the hook here as we knit for convex columns and That's how it is, derive hook inside seize the thread and pull it about knit a column with one
  • 01:00: sc let us once again nakida We introduce the hook seamy side of the face and with face inside for foot column previous row grab working thread and pull it it turns on wrong side and provyazyvaem post with one sc repeat and likewise
  • 01:58: we continue to knit And last
  • 03:13: Now as we see embossed backing column or concave column it is very similar to the convex column if we then perevernom we see all the same convex bars therefore continue to knit seamy relief columns has meaning we knit facial relief or convex
  • 03:45: columns as in lesson about convex bars we have saw that happens if the continue to knit same relief Now columns see what happens if we do them alternate if you have not watched lesson about convex bars that link I I leave a video So now our task knit series facial relief bars convex to on front side with us there were only
  • 04:15: facial relief columns that is just next row we continue to knit convex columns And last
  • 05:52: Now we are very can be clearly seen that if we'll rotate knitting facial relief columns i.e convex columns and backstitches on the wrong side then front side knitting will look at us here so rovnenko pretty quite heavy it is wrong remain our bordyurchiki in principle
  • 06:22: if you like such a pattern that can be knit something and making the front here this side of the side backstitches relief bars obtained very interesting This concludes our lesson completed if you have any questions write to me and before See you at the next Sincerely lessons