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  • 00:00: the first thing we are with you we will do this by moistening it The tip of the thread in the varnishes for
  • 00:31: nails it is necessary for that so that it hardens and we could safely thread our beads or beads simply neatly grease so that the thread was impregnated lacquer it was like this and for a while we
  • 01:04: let's dry our thread is desirable here in this suspended condition drying time may be different I will leave approximately minutes to 15 20 in order so then I can continue with thread if you have dense thread is not try to dry it up tip to end when he barely will dry up just can this way
  • 01:34: here to twist it flatten then the thread itself becomes thinner further as we type himself beads or beads and here everything is very Just we take bead or beads and insert the tip our thread is neat but since I have thick enough thread here additional
  • 02:05: there are but we are simply take and pass and so she's not the hall beads since first white blue white blue white blue white blue white is the first row and then goes exactly same 2 after how we strung beads we lower them along the thread and cut off our tip
  • 02:38: hard like this and now proceed to knitting in the second we will begin to knit a series with beads do one lifting loop turn over knitting and the first loop we bind without a crochet The second loop we will bead for this we pull up
  • 03:08: the first bead to our knitting here So we hook for it so that the bead was ahead and bind column without crochet that's how we try tie
  • 03:40: so that the bead does not the following loop again we bind simply without a crochet then pull the next bead that's it we sew a column without a crochet again column without crochet
  • 04:12: without a bead and again pull up this time already white bead and we sew like this knit to the end of the row we tied the second row and if everything is done it should be correct to get here this pattern of beads