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  • 00:00: Hello my name is Alina dancing school River dans mes I teach dancing for weight loss to you quickly could bring themselves in the form of ringing today show several dance Composites based on a and even the Latins so, let's begin you inhale exhale
  • 00:34: Mom right forward and you are always clothes just chin concerns armpits always handle the air active again forward You thigh active
  • 01:00: If you have been logged and his well now connect the right Left foot forward legs to the side including forward
  • 01:32: left and a row maz Anakin leave 2 forward
  • 02:04: you once again I began MAZ is now the same the left leg can forward and I Diodorus have active gods
  • 02:38: and right legs in sides you rising Olya left right
  • 03:08: 2 also stavlyaet all in a row went
  • 03:38: again from the left maz and your permanent place on a little bit further and until 300 above the main
  • 04:03: but the back feet of veins on straight legs, we do nothing can add complicate and laziness small forward part of the right back again two times Three six 4 May 7
  • 04:30: so, too, and more mom left now maz bizu leaving two the same pace of hair left
  • 05:03: he quickly it back in 2678 it is important to correctly I remember working granddaughter active deep breath quickly cha cha-cha-cha Cha Cha march all too
  • 05:36: most only slightly faster you a and ready to last 5 times on the left side
  • 06:00: Mars Now connect with the beginning of all together force takes I'm just a 1
  • 06:38: and again from the the beginning is always hip active from the left I have less than an hour
  • 07:03: with rice further with the square Right leg audacity very slowly, once every 6 after the legs to the dogs men always
  • 07:30: It saves time already try faster consulted and such leave two You still 2
  • 08:02: maz and the last time and again he further to the feud Again, you need to to understand due to the muscles That's how we do socks stretched wagons cases currently 100
  • 08:31: this we are were trained and as soon as we look what we do questions in a row you leap 2 of the square and the square focus jump
  • 09:00: jump from slowly around slowly attention 1 2 3 5 6 7 you and the last time slow to a crawl
  • 09:34: attention circle and times two three six 7 April 5 mars pop for faster a It can be on anything plant to start could
  • 10:01: important to sock superiorly and pull beautiful pen active last times square all quick and step rotation again this is a very Oleg slowly jump a front leg and Now the center of gravity on
  • 10:30: left leg only chefs slowly again and with feeding jump in front of before the rotation this toy. it all so slowly went 1 2 3 4 and little chin Rossi Only this highly
  • 11:00: meeting place and 434 they, along with the square connect it quickly jump turn games still a little bit in the world,
  • 11:35: 1 high time them up Putting it all together with outset mom right and and left 10th
  • 12:02: pergola square itself all last all together and forget about hips and trace
  • 12:33: Czech Republic or here bounce sex and I wanted see here and