Sergey Starikov

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The announcement of a laying of the Russian furnace, the closed fireplace, street complexes for June-July, 2014.  See details »

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  • 00:09: Hello Recently time subscribers channel often ask when questions are New laying rollers furnaces why not with rollers stone street barbecue to answer all these questions and systematize I decided to channel work to record this video with a brief announcement events for one or two months in advance so next two months
  • 00:30: I lay video masonry fireplace with a large glass door is laying I engaged in April Votkinsk Russian furnace tab symmetric channels for plaster designed by Alexey Chanot made by us May further clutch street complex BBQ say washing carving table we are doing now with video overview kamnereznykh machine drives
  • 01:00: various firms review written on clay mixture we also have a number of preliminary agreement on other objects of general This furnace season is for you interestingly enough so if you have not already Subscribe to our Feed Right now to do it