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  • 00:03: today I want to tell you more about palm one design, among other things, we mourn This construction stoves It was published in the Journal of the boards professionals increased corresponding year across the river Incidentally weighs magazine dedicated namely printing December why America I did not see any urgent need to drink to dachas The fact that the furnace of fire they
  • 00:31: Poland and compact size ease of use, I do not used in the construction Special comfortable essay seal such furnaces are used as Typically irregularly periodically at visit on Valyaev applied only in the case of Only the usual red brick on the other hand promise is made on the principle of universal all-in-one
  • 01:00: the gift of the author headings data furnaces noted he knows and cook and bake Iglesias If you like this design download it you can project at the address: three stages foreheads raw input dot new Year you see the appearance and three reasons shows the sound became defending Hospital
  • 01:33: female Men furnace cabinet human pair well, of course the chamber door community Ghimpu truvada rejected go directly to Politkovskaya this design first row
  • 02:01: solid It does not have any features exported higher than the number of full second row in this series, we begin forming lag 40km These apartments here sad sad third related words together will gather hall inflow team Putin before the court very comfortable fortress
  • 02:32: third time We begin to develop Chelsea Cech golden camera and now here 20 cherkaschane idea halves install edgewise what they will be attached Klytchnikova lattice but as heroes Falcons we lose the end of the base
  • 03:03: in the same row in the third set heart wife chamber and the following fourth rhythm install Kalashnikovs grille Stop lazy vacation in another case a year depth
  • 03:30: where they will be firewood following the fifth row begins to form directly to the fuel itself is not so These bricks are also here Soviet troops bags in this case the fuel located in the fuel Neftekamsk spring freedom to slide lag 8 Cowley show them contained at other sites fuel
  • 04:02: and many from the Cabinet as we see beginning to form also wall fuel cards here in this series can be also lay which Cao holders for a fireplace whose lattice interesting Yakutsk following the sixth row
  • 04:31: form a fuel chamber set because before five fuel map in the seventh row we continue construction We did the same Bachelot sea Duma calves regnum
  • 05:01: Cover the fuel chamber door note WHO this jump cut bricks that closes the space at a fuel chamber Tenth ordinary begin forming court office here these here bricks cut off low shock
  • 05:30: one of the raw materials We continue to shape not days can I have been in this whether there is also virtually furnaces 600 which leap This already one aircraft wisely install Now the corner to could block fuel chamber to them
  • 06:04: next summer reimplemented but only one candidate laid corner continue to sell content services by men take this opportunity to cut bricks that there will be installed handrails but mb Warsaw plate
  • 06:30: It means all resolved set this plate the inlet chamber is placed ladies area and here concerns metal strip what are you doing, she suggested the public next game packs Strips of the project and so blocked with bricks
  • 07:01: but loses the holiness extremely Canal mol and formed bond selectively cameras from the cabinet as you can see molar tooth has been completed Does this mean that it should brick palace with our next Lithuania continues
  • 07:31: Carney easier to form a channel and the Czech Republic However when hands but note that you Court of the same age motor ship m for them on his part the chairman sorrowfully he called popped next year
  • 08:00: all the same sixteen years We start for already 8 House move to it with the periodic Here's the 3 three-quarter bricks the risk that the reduced trimmed February 17th
  • 08:30: how to feel the incident occurred in Suvorov juices waters Tymoshenko was the size of a hike by Cabinet from food laid corner not work to stop how vicious as the sample chamber is overlap just one row bricks here at the top to make their lot score key meters
  • 09:05: 18 delirious Overrides cooking chamber and we are left with vertical channel cookies diadem move stones next summer you in nat Naughty cameras do organized channel
  • 09:30: it is aligned with the Vatican that are his words and it is only set for cleaning this channel Twenty etc. additionally narrow down income for him here this here brick interested clipped on the lower side Twenty-one reaction
  • 10:03: He believes Again all of our vertical channels But from this but the Latvian Pechersk monastery Again five consecutive claim the amount of juice It is here revenues from sales increased first brick in the twenty-second row We begin to develop
  • 10:31: small process Shushary Misha size 1 April thousands install the valve near the fireplace but pay attention when we did droplets we turned a modest increase the twenty-third series in any case
  • 11:05: twenty-fourth same 25 years similar to the previous twenty-sixth time Overrides drying niche this experience
  • 11:30: it is possible to keep the match dry small items, etc. two procedures defendant's bitter connect with our stone house move Basically it will be the main chimney Here is averaged here, I thank the court pk heart for cleaning this channel next summer
  • 12:04: in this case, food Cropped media Article guided tour channel next redoubts overlaps All our stove at risk remains only the main chimney and note here
  • 12:30: these bricks It means all there released ahead but it's done so kilometers decorative purposes following their thirtieth returns the size of the food thank God the crisis in the first row We begin to develop in the case of tick bite set in this place
  • 13:00: Wushu valve found a mistake January 30 continue building corpses for our furnaces if you look cut we see here Now he himself fuels nickname
  • 13:30: here it sex this fuel Dikan to court Tishinsky not bear fuel Nikonenko binding fuel previously The hot gases rise up spheres here they can not sent ships and here in this denied fall whether the service is warm available in one of five types of fit
  • 14:02: ownership of the economy here here this channel in connection with the nose he wants here the evening valve waving his hands it means skype particularly strong raid here directly through the answers kum Kiev pipe but in the end it turned our
  • 14:31: Thank you for attention So blogs meeting