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  • 00:24: So we see that our were massively almost all have entered the stage of business
  • 00:30: some have passed probably 50 but now all mix well leave on our chests our young happening who moreover, it will be about four hours
  • 01:00: maybe even three and a half hours and every year we will all be hanged our editorial sic do not forget to include that the water level He remained at the level of our business also home cloth and came meeting with the wearing of half an hour
  • 01:32: So it's been Four hours after the start but could we once again examined mingled darting mass and begin to cook the same the broad masses rub salary payment
  • 02:01: Stalin still about 9 for half an hour Baku APA then were checking passports I want our we do I'm also rub namely, all together promo grape seed oil according to Rosstat here is whether or not
  • 02:35: honestly Japan so we are only Kurds is necessary effective basically do not do daughter always on Tuesday little daughter
  • 03:02: That's about this much and mix all mission until complete dissolution of lumps I feel very well
  • 03:43: for the first time uses it happened rain protection AS and in the car
  • 04:03: so now we will I do not have it means linens grinder Elena Court is important
  • 04:36: objects and milk BP recall the best then apply the cream
  • 05:07: I have a radio Pletikosa so we are waiting I put our mothers prepared fans lane here it is it happened a private clinic
  • 05:32: Well, then we'll have to add Bochkareva
  • 06:16: and our knowledge of the opera but very thin all all components not add so many reasons
  • 06:36: I loved but could not do anything plus the entire world needs ie why even inflow Vancouver for the supply of exchange ventilator thousands of rescuers couple It is sheer
  • 07:01: so that's the way it is all we are waiting for half an hour because it failed then we will test the fascist strips in general, the tube taking into account So it's been a hundred years so again mix machine lamps there on the street still We experience Plastal
  • 07:30: upright training sticker that's no three points with a lot of distilled water I have not seen so to speak counted thin sequel stick
  • 08:02: I underestimated follow just a little bit a little bit 3 it is considered that there is no
  • 08:44: we will get buy list but very much our dollars said individual
  • 09:00: Phone and even between different family and her students again between 7 and 8 m constant between 7 and above everything was ready for our including oil now we need to let them have at these points
  • 09:32: eight washers our surviving series
  • 10:02: and came to complemented us survived
  • 11:25: I swear my mother's grandmother
  • 12:17: Yushchenko the law
  • 12:43: I was stupid calm very carefully
  • 13:44: Now we've got a It looks exactly like the figure itself It has not yet been frozen for a year stability cool place I r such balls in a week will be already
  • 14:02: Thank you for attention while the same is what happened already signed pieces