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  • 00:00: House decided today transplant money actually rather by sati discuss a small piece of paper that we He appeared in front of our more money wood which has somewhere in the fifth year you You know these capsules or money tree almost every family of those who They want to was good ethics money power that was happiness to cash flow san is going and we
  • 00:30: today will otsazhivayut this one small sprout here separately here so many where transplanted seated or it multiplies by tree counting of such a small rostochku or simply tear off leaflet his little dried and sadit directly land a stalk put somewhere in water through which some time in the water
  • 01:00: us there It instructed on the plant appear vogue roots and bereke then transplanted one can we do others forced again otsazhivayut now I I try a knife a sharp knife to cut and extract from the root of I I think that there should be be back here
  • 01:33: so yeah so it is still there is a small Here's how to cut mallow plant and here's a little roots that he already independently let into the ground today, what are the auspicious day moon on the day of the cycle weeks because of Feng Shui recommends this is a tree transplant it plant transplant saved
  • 02:01: then the growing Today just is a day like today Wednesday and fourth the fifth day of the Huns and we will it transplant general he delivered with African countries so it should be then it will not often and watered for this that he seems to be afraid of more water than dry our lands under false For this we use expanded clay aggregate
  • 02:30: cufflinks Ramses well distributed by Well, start fill the earth some for attracting money lay down straight into the ground we lay down a coin too can do same Ritualshchik put Now I'm a new face here we put the hryvnia here let it land there work draws
  • 03:00: We need the mayor's office and our our family home, we transplant still here a container which It depicts a slam because of course or money tree tree and the tree wood work, too we must also praise so we work must also be rearranged gene rearranged in many
  • 03:30: toward that goal stage of such a sword which are in each family so we we pour do small hole and well sealed then it will be necessary land if need be to add land That sadim good thicken add more land on the sides and thicken
  • 04:00: in order to Celsius minerals which is in the land immediately roots We began to let go their like this is going on you much policies in this land fared it is desirable plants watered by Wednesdays and pour sentence the like
  • 04:32: Sasha called Pour granddaughter We should pour it plant the correct words you grow and I richness blossom is your will, my Will you let it be so to grow and to me wealth bloom is my Will you let it be so
  • 05:01: to grow and to me wealth bloom is yours my will so be it Do you have our let her plant let it be to grow it is his and our will and the will of God and now also do here this small ritualchik flowerpot likes this stand he should be put in eastern part of the house
  • 05:31: yet it must be watered if not often at home dry dry air should be watered two times a week This plant in the winter generally rising since the spring at its autumn winter be watered almost watered and well if it is be in the place where temperature It is no more than 15 degrees + naturally night in winter it's kind of like sleeps yet
  • 06:02: It is working make it work better to do here yet a small advertisements Th tying him red ribbon which will be bring here these all cash flows those energies which We need to strengthen the energies which gives it tree even well-meaning Now live on coins our old or rather the same tree
  • 06:31: that we already prescription but such coins periodically should be cleaned because when the sun's rays get on coins they would be recognized as a railing lyayutsya all all together here playing because as once you are here leaves that are very plump and Chubby not want it simply pluck and but if you show rip he is and how he shoes he would give it as an coin gives a great such energy from here
  • 07:01: us for good such means called and Cleaning Lasse metal This product company or Our family enjoys this product already few years, we Here are very pleased to the same number we do the cleaners Here I'll show you How to clean it means both in Through this means You need to clean a coin We dry the coin
  • 07:30: Apply a small the number of means that cleans not varnished brass surface and copper, stainless Steel Here we clear I have half of probably cleaned seen here half I cleared now I will clean the second half of it is very few take time but would still see here coin it completely another species it
  • 08:00: it shines and if we put it in here to our tree, she I will work even I put here as if that's so stone which is also as if all that natural some of it good favorably acts well, and some even make and recommend to strengthen they put peeled coins on 1 upside that's here to put
  • 08:31: sleigh which will grow this is now plants plants that give you your rays because money and happiness it there strictly on the receiving that each family He wants for himself for their relatives and let your tree grows if you have such tree you do not have it very easy to understand easy for yourself sit at someone in friends still write that It is very well tree if you and Ghetto
  • 09:00: just steal it if you bend and here a piece of paper here somewhere leaf it is necessary to dry the February 23 hour there is no longer with us Online directly into the ground and then neatly knife to make in a small dimple let here put this Well let's see how it will be here at we have a box here now Market Place even cut off
  • 09:32: Well here it is necessary to and dry like this and then put it This tree leaf take root after tissue and let a few more like these shoots that can be sit on a few more even here such trees I wish you Good luck, I wish you genius money flow all of you to be desired