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  • 00:00: everybody it's Wendi Cranford I am here today to show you how to make this amazing ornament these are so beautiful quick and easy and I'm going to show you how first of all you just go to my online store and you order a pack of the snowflake ornaments alright and they come in a set of ten so you're able to make ten ornaments I'm going to zoom out here real quick you're able to make ten ornaments with the package you get and
  • 00:31: it comes just like this so everything's pre-cut and ready for you to use in this and you'll get ten of these and then you get some of this beautiful ribbon so I'm going to show you quickly how to put these together you get this great little circle piece on the back and all you do is put cut your ribbon loop it around hot glue this piece on I do that step first okay that gives me my base and then you get your piece like this that's already scored
  • 01:04: for you so all I did is like fold it in half forward on all of the long points and then folded it backwards on all of the shorter ones okay so it makes this rosette looking thing so what I'm gonna do now is just put some glue down here in the middle and the cool thing is is that Stampin Up also has a video tutorial on how to do this but I thought just in case you don't watch Stampin ups
  • 01:34: videos than you would get to see it here so you just pinch it shut and you're just putting it right on top and you just have to hold it for a little bit to let that glue set see if you don't just starts pulling away so you have to let the glue set I made I've made 20 of these I'm going to show you a cool spin that I did on another one okay so then you get this one and it's also pre
  • 02:05: scored for you and ready to go you can't glue this one right down on top you to use the silicone mat so what you do and these you can get these through Stampin Up is you're just gonna put a blob of glue down straight onto the silicone mat you'll splice your circle above the glob of glue it's kind of a mouthful and then you just push it to the center and then what I do is I let go and I go around and pinch all edges so they have a nice peaks and valleys there and you're just gonna hold it here
  • 02:38: again like I said so I'm using these to put on top of my Christmas gifts so just to kind of decorate them up and make them super special and beautiful this year I thought I would try to make all of my wrapping paper and make all of my gift wrapping and stuff so I thought it'd be fun to make these for the tops as a bow or you know instead of a bow this is what where they would go so I'm
  • 03:12: gonna move that over and move this back and I'm gonna go ahead and put some glue all around here and I'm very generous as you can see with the hot glue because I want this to stick I definitely don't want anybody to get an ornament for me that comes apart that would be horrible okay and then you have this cute little piece that's already punched and stamped for you and I'm just gonna lay it right on top super simple and then you get a
  • 03:44: whole package of these which you don't even need all of them so that's great so you have extra of the extra large rhinestones when you're all said and done and then I wanted to just show you what else I did with I went ahead and doubled my ornament so like on this one it's double sided so that way no matter which way it's turning on the tree it still looks really pretty so I did that
  • 04:15: on a few of them just for fun I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial on how to make these super quick easy snowflakes remember like I said you get a package of these there's ten so there's enough to make ten ornaments or five double-sided ornaments like this thanks so much for watching everybody I hope you have a wonderful day