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  • 00:08: Hello dear friends, we continue to a series of lessons 1 shade theme of our church today's market as a development if you wish this year I married you deal tourniquet spiral You can get acquainted with examples of such ready on my blog there are different pictures but since we now our ready cabochon and I thought it would be very
  • 00:32: cabochon and look at all this is such a spiral Jidkova I made specially but now because we need you for our project where such parts one I have already made to show you the author doing smart Now you together as you can see a small per year is family, we do not need to blame because we will still be additional Details were not the next lesson as a mosaic weaving so what is pirates
  • 01:01: year it is very simple and it only patching two kinds of BYuT we use I see now, if not at work material table investors and is a valuable pearl green pearl and saw we sell records Igor Sechin like our year same year, the second part of that is nothing no special when you're ready and we'll start working the second part, we remove it on but would need to be a world you
  • 01:31: could not and you can imagine my dear friends decide what is the length We need to put but I have a Little Johnny and me until they were so what kind and especially for beads and the more we will begin in the first all we know that's not the bottle pearl whether there is a pearl Peter and we spend put on here so his daughters and it plugs clasp plan may be in so you and I can not be another developer it is important we just need now
  • 02:01: secure peace now my fixed it is also able to fly indicating that we have here in this way keep in fingers sturdy and do like these ones units already familiar to us because you think use does not make them more because this generation will which will work in the new meters will work move and so we need very strong good heifers
  • 02:31: and at the end of the work can go on the transaction soak AEK AD krimi nail polish that is, but in such a way and stifle m back injury in our country here it's too much left for I leave a piece of I then his Zaden in a thread and went Inta street It is already in the region for finished products and until we make some like these like this after the injection in our ordinary knots that
  • 03:00: We will fix this bottle So you see, we even once you have started to work freeing his little work seats take the taste was fixing year on the desktop This is important because we need to start to you very carefully and consistently performed means Here are enough of our strings after live side, we then proceed books now it is important to be viewed
  • 03:30: so I specifically a fifth very small, I think you will understand district you will your disposal there will be more like a theme already in the lessons Sunday so here are so small I really think you them You see first how said But our fixation in the mayor's office made themselves Here is such a krym may be so clasp or may it will just thereto wall but we need to take with you 1 2 3 4 5 8 White
  • 04:00: that is, one only These beads we recruit Vadim foot following this movement of recruit 4 green the second flowing butyne So climb on each campaign again we are going to add one-sided They wear white wood four meters and moves and move and move twist time I will postpone side tactics and I recommend you print your positively in the direction that's Kvashnin desktop viewing days on
  • 04:31: constant new permanent burglar so distracted my rock mol and that we begin here if it were not hurt and we recruit bright white we let it 4 here's a look have scored 5 terms we themselves Now start tight losses and withdraw them from the edges and is now gaining PP and green england arsenal
  • 05:00: March 4 what you are doing is moved 4 and permeates everything in reverse direction Now watch videos and we get here is like juice of one ring from one side come here on the one hand a ring like this way you will continue to move but our challenge themselves to move forward so it is always in the first place will gain the White House
  • 05:31: They left her cub here is a quote at first and now the green one two 4 at the same time to do, and now look at we are here for the first time walked in the first a record for the second time a live event his daughter for the second bead and the same way 4 thread the beads that we look to you scored
  • 06:02: 4 and her Prandelli 4 So keep moving it is important to dazzle ethics So you see, Stipe Terek and conductor faces one side so you can see Currently you can see, we have been all over again Virgo white Patti akim it turns out that it is the same this time n invasion main column stops
  • 06:31: 18 white building occupies a third of a before that it will be put on fourth 4 green recruit take a thread like this We expect fully April 8 tel if you firmly tightens you It will be a little item well then used to oil industry complicated
  • 07:00: but you see so Now see how that turns out We already have such I'm glad edge here see how the percentage will be rotate your family is all until you m fast which is green dial Now as you and I will continue to do So again white four green
  • 07:31: sipping those over here take in hand read through 4 like this threaded bodies so now I'll get a needle Wear and here you have this kind of points obtained base move just one 4 green white
  • 08:04: and a little faster will work here when you type just see it I won just four one white 4 green I take the police again 4g four little white three main and that which we are gathered shop parking
  • 08:31: started abusive stretch and here are some rotating pm m here, you know what we obtained again 4 green white clear and like this our suite graphics early
  • 09:00: when you have a little clay no and I mentioned the work itself, you will be able to it to split it became already in the hands of continue if you prefer so so accustomed I love working on Stoleshnikov was it is seen How to rotate in court spiral of my life where it is necessary to add or subtract
  • 09:30: everything is very well visible on the side He stressed that it is not so but who both used So I can not move again gaining four series of add it sets out little thing Comp four white here we have here are here is we obtained
  • 10:01: but nothing but it is so long to fulfill your discretion is you want to track It was but very short neck so long ago just replace centimeters and some will already know well, and I'm about 30 meters 15 m 15 17 Clasp not necessary and a second portion Svetlana leader also can watch but
  • 10:31: it is necessary to be sure combined and then on the site such mission the intensity of light shades newsletters which composition has for example in the work itself in Kolpashevo that played any other fact that this suspension they were not themselves OAO MPC decorating itself until yahoo wifey went Go here for the same decades as accurately same used Russia is its pearl
  • 11:00: beads like that so it is also important as they continue we are working one white 4 green opponents to the basic cube four medium-sized beads my border Why this so I took because he It can be independent decoration as I have already said, the beginning of the lesson
  • 11:31: he has different pictures are not on the blog I'm ready I found of such a scheme looked I tried in different embodiments, with large beads with small I really I liked it and decided to show you and although in this lesson can be in a cabochon can go years this volume hostage weaving chain here can go the same here as I It shows you on before the lesson here is melting at such a worthless green color of a decoration
  • 12:03: and the need to m and a Kosovo-law on the stomach Well just look for your bones So you see how we get it so We continue on a way to save work but also reminded of 4 green be sure to come and a white little here So be sure to stretch and
  • 12:31: contradictions four white beads 23 from the core fourth here's what we'll need to previously Doll you see Now my dear friends, I think you already we understood disassembled look again and Khiam com But look again from the beginning of the lesson I think you already knew how to do it continue after a while we
  • 13:00: you something that will continue to lesson