Sergey Avramov

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Hrenoder or a hrenovina from tomatoes for the winter. - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello today to make you Grenadiers for this will have to be tomatoes garlic itself horseradish and salt and that we we will all be overturn in a meat grinder cut tomatoes and twist on meat small nose and all
  • 00:30: so twisted and tomatoes and garlic and all the bread will twist on grinder so we overwound 2 liters tomato stranded everything is on the two types of These 2 liters we leave Horseradish root and ut3 so here probably at the things 4 We garlic and it now too twist on grinder
  • 01:16: Torsion 4 heads garlic and also all spread with a tomato now we will overturn grenadiers most vigorous strands of vines
  • 01:30: So I will run torsion bread eyes schipet well we send all again in tomatoes and salts is such a teaspoon of salt maybe you can even a little bit more
  • 02:01: This was stirred well and leave for thirty minutes that it currently then all will pour on jars and we will have ready on the ball reaches ready to enjoy appetite