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  • 00:00: at Hello dear subscribers and my audience channel soon holidays it is time mandarin and I decided cook tangerine liqueur mandarin liqueur and
  • 00:30: I will cook analogy as a Limoncello liqueur I have seven Georgian mandarin know that they are not anything processed and Nevis as it is and also 250 milliliters of pure alcohol with my observations about citrus best extraction aromatic substances are then when used not vodka and on top of a thin layer remove peel with Mandarin try shoot it topsheet center without white skin zest and public
  • 01:04: Mandarin is not then throw will also remove make syrup Center we shift in a jar pour spirit in order to enhance the taste holiday break even cinnamon stick cover with lid cobble together well and put 5-7 days
  • 01:36: infuse passed exactly one week and it's time filter mandarin alcohol infusion for liquor now need cook syrup our liquor with these Mandarin I sensitive juice add water and also sugar to the desired quantity etc. I'm such a
  • 02:08: thing take a mandrin and and crush I continue this tangerine porridge I wring out through the magic to squeeze the juice fully Top up with water so it was exactly 400 milliliters start cook syrup
  • 02:39: pour 175 grams sugar and pour 400 milliliters diluted juice mandarin stir Kinari War Unless boils and reveals the full Saturday as soon as the mandrin agressirovat boils shot him fire and give it to cool to room
  • 03:09: temperature starting mix mandarin syrup and alcoholic tangerine infusion mandarin New liquor ready to give him more stand for a day or two and then tasting We start tasting tangerine liqueur
  • 03:39: with the New Year mood can so pour light beautiful rich so plump tangerine a little mean that that is carrot as if on horseback juice on a smell tender but crisp taste mandarin try Liquor factory so Soft, smooth and easy I feel sure alcohol
  • 04:09: this is now rapidly became fairly well, there I think even four days that he would put the Yakut more so formed taste good balanced nice though mandrin considered such a citrus New Year but I drank it and know so that's something warm I believe summer beach so something well thank you all for Attention join the group subscribe to a channel all while before new recipes