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  • 00:02: Hello dear skilled workers with you Olga Ivanova Today I'll show you how make easy performance and both very harmful bezel satin ribbon make 5 cm just an island kanzashi petal
  • 00:41: you It looks like a petal made from Brocade
  • 01:05: make double sharp petal kanzashi connect our billet on the basis of the felt 5 cm glue 12 petals
  • 01:38: Organza width 5 centimeters will do just an island kanzashi petal using hot glue
  • 02:00: and the last petal of rep tape a half width of 3 centimeters will do round petal crease
  • 02:47: do not forget to do crease center petal on the basis of the felt
  • 03:00: diameter 3 centimeter glue strong sand join our blank between the petals lower rap stigma not fully
  • 03:33: prepare cabochon for this by using awl make a hole felt cut out his size to our large and sticking with via glue point crystal day after our harvesting dry up We can get to decorate the century
  • 04:24: make another small flowers clipping petals on felt its base 3 cm diameter.
  • 04:34: a pay attention to what a petal we miss
  • 05:07: decorate our festive border beautiful girls
  • 05:32: our ring ready you can go to 2 I hope this video It appeared to you thanks for the helpful review