Lyudmila Koneva

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You want to connect a fashionable cap? We knit with Lyudmila Teng - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: children what a beautiful set in special effects button This kit has been published 10 years ago on whether Verena and that's why this is hat I saw Only in the zone embodiments not seen someone to knit her and so I want to Now ask you for example you do not I love this hat or just simply do not
  • 00:32: We saw earlier paper or knitting scheme It seems daunting there is not even a scheme describe and answer please feel free to comments can 2 master class on this caps it warm double cap toe rear overhangs are very unusual
  • 01:01: I also was able to like that's the Railways he bit short because the breast is not closed but general interesting and beautiful so I look forward to your comment