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  • 00:09: Chaim and Here we found a deserted Here it must needs come to report our fabric here we have three layer and quietly presses the pedal We start here here I beg a piece
  • 00:31: and now I'll show you as It's all right not you like We listened to yes could this look at all how to customize this one went here because show you spots spots should be
  • 01:01: correctly so way to avoid those the upper thread was not It is seen from this side hook here hairstyles but further already Nathan you here themselves gone good taste you It should be half 9 lasts held It should appear fossa bottom and such application It should be on top of the there you should not Now I have seen here disband and show you you
  • 01:32: should not be here such a loop here before do not stand not on the other hand ace you have not It should be like this Now loop So But if I'm cup
  • 02:00: cyanogen I make here are put side by side as the upper thread lower all this did not get Svejk even if I omit
  • 02:30: so it was clear, and so do if I I release here Now spring around here and so see what we Now that's what will He loves next then I got
  • 03:00: that went at the bottom of the loop here are many many many Here's these loops upper thread went from She herded us down I fought and we went we have turned hooks again I bite off
  • 03:33: Now I do differently I now spins very year twisted you are my and look here, we the entire lower thread overcast very well
  • 04:02: Now it's hooks they went from me upstairs now I see it there is a lower thread I I see here here here on top of that is here Such are the small remnants of snow, I see it we have at the top of this Now you have to makarom adjusted so way to thread there was no sign of the bottom
  • 04:31: top of her that is I absolutely top It should not be visible if you are going to be about that what it should be well try maximum views driver degree to string us loop left bottom now I let go of
  • 05:00: then released Now look here I have appeared in the I have such a loop Yankees I do not see the bottom, and loop, too, I do not see that is, I myself loop she hid here here here middle But in the thickness of the there it is basically most most normal perfect is the improved and the noise of cars Well
  • 05:32: quietly she takes on account of the normal speed stitches well there is no screening no nothing show us normal set all is well happiness and so I put change the way better to cut and
  • 06:01: clean aside so she did not get in We go down and reeled remainder here these here are not not is wound on the shuttle Look I'm at maximum Push the speed well, here Now I have to maximum speed that's stitched Now the show is not far from here show to the holes and the code there was in principle in
  • 06:30: normal here little one place I though here it is normal here normal two loops it is seen Ambassador little beat that is, the upper and a little bearing on high speed is not sew a little something I need this is now thread bare pull drag tightens and get
  • 07:06: opportunity I high speed field do not know it high speed the we say as usual if need be so Here are ways to Assad lifts the another scroll
  • 07:33: scrolls here all we here Ideally here semicircle if you made it here all perfect a little bit I pull Now to the big speed would be so on average normal score Here is such a setting we are our thread and now I Now take our table streamer turning here are four times
  • 08:00: thickness here rather thick Eve brings here under our foot shot at almost all I pressed here quietly here help stretch because the legs are not 6 missing it slippery and foot, be we may have a little help stretch stretch it's all about
  • 08:31: so look and I saw that all laced with us all on health found here Now I will take here are my scissors Here's a great big but very comfortable and are not currently sheathe cut. all I needed fabric Now I will
  • 09:03: cut out and show that I came here but here barely revealing all I have pressed so here view I do not see
  • 09:30: here World rumpled seam here good here no loops any, and the like he did it same thing happens here's our trouble all sewn all ok no freedom as example
  • 10:00: that's the basis of which principle should not know everyone at setting their sewing machines now I will write you on when you set up here this Now reel here here there is no screw you adjust when you should one plant katushechka your skin where you wind
  • 10:30: a thread ie nickname It fills fills fills here Platz and her recoils ie you already understand that is These menthol OSCE regulated released a little grass or pours intensive moved and by this adjusted winding height on bobbin but here stretch here I basically do not greatly scheduled the
  • 11:00: there is no one home easy to move take here and so in flashing and the normal there is the fact that due to the that he finds stretch the results here I lowered my ears here down through croup let here below on the penultimate weary with unimportant Basically as you are doing the most important thing here here she is go out it must go
  • 11:32: stay in the center Our bobbin to it never will it himself diverges in different hand if you will pull strongly the it will be very be stretched crush wall This is not good our point because the wall will constantly be under will not load unfold it is necessary to turn off the wall
  • 12:01: will develop and It comes quickly and unsuitability see if you severely wound on the bobbin thread is challenges faced that it will be harder unwinding and you begin again some loops here's there should be a thread be wound medium also stretch experiment try that is, Here at me as though I did not
  • 12:30: I know how this power I I would not say that much easily and do not have a that is, the average such on tyazhechko here example about somewhere so I also want to be sure to pay your attention here here you then pull the thread have you stretch here here because on camera move Now here one
  • 13:01: ear then the other too hood lowered lowered thread thread here here here through our tensioner then here through sure that's such a Now spring. then here through this then through the bracket ear pulled upward the result of cheesecake and she went made mazda
  • 13:30: These tabs here We should all be to them. we have gone rovnenko and when much larger Turnover was supplied without any snags directed very well the most important Sea sewing typewriters problem here here's this here node we here installed special specially this guide here bracket that thread
  • 14:01: guides on the needle that is, if I I am going to do here so that's way I take away from here and here there's my go Here's how you can let that is, and that's without this Now brackets ie thread will say so alone I'm here I will take when you and I will try that a flash
  • 14:34: Look at that I was the have you seen how machine sat before and see what It was lost I now have on a string formed necro and began to vomit formed such Here the thread wound Here is such a tangle
  • 15:00: Now here he is seen not Threads and she began break ie I I have already gone a whole the problem of dry and I can not continue here Such is the history and all of one small hooks that is, all the mechanisms all hooks must stand by me look that is It is as though I have
  • 15:31: say it's sambal Now I have it filmed so this is my tree that is so so so so so so it is a shaft which in my pubes to set so Valve which after wolf I have no shot shaft under its experience of displays it in the general I'm here in the bag
  • 16:05: I put yourself here such a kryuchochek here is a little kryuchochek here here here and he set Now here it is, section through which I prosunu thread and thread I like this here recorded fixed and sent already
  • 16:32: my eating that is, I Now I take here sticks and soup all here I have specifically here pieces cut from the thread I sink ships now with just such tweezers very comfortable sewing I bit off the edge thread slips in
  • 17:04: needle and I do not have. already seen stretched very very carefully already taut on or pay for it attention is also very important I see here there are sections Now this thing is clearly shoot close plan
  • 17:30: because here I a little something that Delos Khimich in their own way I want you now! to show how she Look here here I have here This place here is cut and it can be seen here Now this one here and the cutout can be seen from this hand here here here This cut is also seen and here established just usually as
  • 18:00: lock ring round metal can as keys ie I know all the keys in light is not included such circular ring there's a approximately ring standing down here like this I do not have such ringlet I did I've got here here on this screw and for me I set the needle delivered from this Bird with these mount and I addictive be regulated using just such washers adjust such a state to
  • 18:30: I tightened the corner and in However, I have now it's bracket was preloaded meaning there taut that is, I have it also has been clamped that is, and so I went in this way can be have a drink and look at Internet that is here such a court retaining ring maybe if someone there is no need to spring favorite love love by any means any apology
  • 19:00: means necessary not to make just as well that Basically probably all do not know how something like this in the general principle that that's what I would like to show and tell I explained about hanging configuring it all case for scales Lastly most wanted it is important to add on
  • 19:31: about not no that you carry it it is very important they have different quality and different to say so different process ie manufacturing if you take some nick and untwist and on one side it unwinds turn to another side of it
  • 20:00: twisted ie she Mutko thread different in different factory it is also very important that is, one thread at seamstress and unwinds do different here torn makes loops the other one is wound a little differently and normally sews normal normal and I use I take such here nylon thread at I now black
  • 20:30: colors that's this here company is Turkish Turkish thread can send I know where to take roughly saying yes price thread 35 hryvnia here This reel here here's 2,400 meters two and a half kilometer almost here we
  • 21:00: the length of the thread is the force enough for each other if anyone interested in the I can not he book writing I send new mail you on your division Basically in Ukraine well, no problems thread must be quality good and with the right and regular rotation with the correct winding the most nicknames because that's all thing I suggested
  • 21:31: professional who seamstress already engaged more than 12 years and they very large large shop that principle She told by setting is sewing machines in myself and also set up Share information Here on this here thread I had Basically that is taking I am not happy all normal beings well if you order will he ordered I will send well in
  • 22:02: Basically everything if who had press huskies finger up or down who does not I liked your work write your and comments will to discuss all case all happy good luck