Aleksandr Komarovskiy

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Otopitelno the cooking furnace with the closed fireplace  See details »

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  • 00:01: Now the customer wants dismantle the oven and do similar in his heat engineering characteristics, it is his suit some problems with fireplace it under the smoke Lebanon is not satisfied its appearance and the that there were already crack need it to repair it stove can not He served 20 years wants to
  • 00:32: replace the
  • 04:39: can be used Cordless teals
  • 07:05: please tell me Why did you decide we change the stove We decided to change the stove period for 23 years He held a talk I am beginning to crack respectively goods On the streets you somehow we decently look at your your work site like today already looking at the price corresponds to quality you are satisfied
  • 07:31: all is well all carefully and can say that liked our the First with a sense of not really Blue relationships that that we could improve what work you do
  • 08:07: everything suits me
  • 08:31: this before so hurry and the but now ok always will be ok master floors under