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Brazier and the furnace under a cauldron from a brick the hands.  See details »



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  • 00:09: hi all pichenka we our subscribers channel in this video you will see the masonry street complex gazebo with barbecue sink and table and round furnace under iron cauldron clutch this barbecue we Alexei vat performed June year tough suburb result simultaneously test furnace barbecue said pipe at one
  • 00:31: We pleased thrust even jet windy the weather was stable at this because as well as request of subscribers our group I decided to VKontakte lay out in detail rollers description masonry round furnace under cauldron and 3d version Drawing such a brazier but with the same dimensions small simplifications itself except masonry chimney in this video I like always try explain how make a calculation different parts in barbecue in the street cauldron washing well
  • 01:03: tables than these calculations differ from conventional calculations home fireplaces first row father like these dimensions at the same time must be checked also diagonal length
  • 01:30: width 1 rows at this initial laid dry then a second solution number bandage 1 third underway soil oneself for quite door and do here This is a bad camera we furnace under the cauldron
  • 02:10: fourth row without changes just tying 3 fifth invent reimplemented our soccer door and
  • 02:32: partially reimplemented freestyle a reserve chamber here is a way out Now grate maz addition formed three such niches and there will be at us wash here a cutting table is the lowest of firewood
  • 03:01: under the grill in the arch I did this project most simple that can make any beginner be on without pattern just here such pile cut off They will receive a stand flat up here it distance 21 centimeter them
  • 03:30: it turns arch slightly recessed in tab that was not necessity These output joints generally is It considered the most Easy carefree character in the sixth row we continue to lead masonry and
  • 04:00: install fire door highly recommend installing it on stainless steel box how do you You can look at my channel there a separate video stop is the most reliable and for durable furnace operation
  • 04:32: project I show how to make the most simple oven under cauldron that is normal Here is a square and now I will do break this project and show how It makes the present stove under the kettle round with air splitter
  • 05:00: this round furnace It has an internal diameter of about forty two centimeters which corresponds to diameter Balezin skype Are you there, he forty half centimeters made of firebrick sawn in half therefore consumption brick is not so large and placed on
  • 05:30: Do you see the place of photograph shows that poryadovkoy enough simple 3 explanation is needed Side continue laying firebox except this
  • 06:00: set 2 simple arch bridge over the sink carving table as you can see are made in the same manner as except in the wood-sledge com Then you fill out just such concrete plate located under the barbecue as you can see
  • 06:31: here are not filled up end because here we will pass brick top width 11 cm eighth row we continue laying
  • 07:09: ninth series reimplemented our furnace door here such overlap this castle overlap It is not robust enough if you installed Combustion
  • 07:31: Door on stainless steel box that is will overlap ideal if you put the door on wire or steel strips Now the castle brick over time may, at large heat rise and fall up lowered and the most cranky in this place it with fall time therefore I repeat once just install and
  • 08:02: furnace door through stainless box on basalt cardboard whereas such overlap you will be fully protected from heat overloads and downtime very long time here we pour concrete Plate Sink reserve cutout to be able set wash usually 50 to 50
  • 08:32: centimeters here also Cover the plate of concrete here under barbecue begin create a niche ash drawer this Mangalia usually fly camera always done under order or
  • 09:01: independently it wider longer more long box preferably from of stainless steel if such opportunity is not possible install ordinary basement this door here much easier and cheaper released but cooking meat It will be some
  • 09:30: difficulties tenth row we We do our yap furnace under a cauldron here in this place will flue gases leaving here here here go trumpet
  • 10:00: and on this I think grill install grate as discussed above usually a class one grill too made to order from a metal sheet small holes if such a size is not possible normal place but through the grate conventional grate usually coal throw out a lot earlier than
  • 10:30: necessary and meat preparation deteriorate in addition we reimplemented Sharkey on a brick on flat here and so this series have mounted on two angles to this and to this sides
  • 11:06: in the eleventh row we set Balezin ical plate and and sizes 530 to 700 millimeters at purchase of such plates I want to draw your attention to you buying and having at Statement roulette level and others measuring devices since its
  • 11:34: quality is usually wanting It leaves much to be better and you have that out of August 5 plates to select one good is not obtained changes can be 30 to 20 millimeters but one of the corners because the competitors had no immediate price category
  • 12:00: therefore, they use it They were slow cooker under the cauldron as we finish laying the table and washing Later it can be oblitsevat ceramic tiles or granite the same here
  • 12:31: planned small countertop porcelain stoneware for facilities cooking punishment twelfth row we begin laying like our barbecue we see formed here such home channel denied here we reimplemented our plate
  • 13:00: further here this series, he is 23 centimeter cover your iron plate made this to to block its publication and said pipe has a the most reliable and durable thirteenth year
  • 13:30: we continue laying 14 is the number of Zirka mirror 12 number of the repetition
  • 14:00: the same 15 15 1 13 16 17 number s terms of size barbecue would you say that recommended Sizes go area barbecue, we define portal area BBQ determined according to formula which is listed below on essentially calculating chimney
  • 14:31: fireplace portal depth should be on average two thirds of the its width here this Article 8 series continues masonry nineteenth is overlap Projects on the how
  • 15:03: always made most simple arches to overlap but it are not as arch which makes flat on the edge here as you can see brick set so done that way because such a bright may experience thermal load is times in the second on it
  • 15:30: will go on it will be located the bulk so the sweeping Here is a simple arch I was not solidly a cover for the barbecue so I recommend do here this simple arch for to protect it from heat the impact we put Typically, these
  • 16:00: inner arch also fireclay bricks posed Here along the height of 23 cm and strengthened at the expense of two studs here 2 goes below between it and the arch is arch laid
  • 16:30: basalt carton so even with long-term preparation of this grill Meat coals all rest the outer arch is not will experience heat load twentieth number we continue laying
  • 17:03: the twenty-first row note that we have here the smoke channel is denied parallel to our firebox in barbecue and it does not go up the beginning of the sweeping This is done that was opportunity both drown BBQ and it seemed to
  • 17:32: they do not interfere with each other works see also here that's the distance from the bottom cra cra I here it bright before moving let's say an analogue flue tooth It recommended to make at least two bricks from here to here but this project I reinsured did little more than
  • 18:01: this is done by several reasons one of which simplification of masonry the sweeping volume which should at least March 2 Now this volume and this is due to the fact that here this arch it is high enough will need more block beside him
  • 18:30: for this reason rising a little higher 2 number of turns better than what is enough reimplemented our arch but the twenty-third row start laying the sweeping through narrowed
  • 19:00: on three sides masonry twenty-fourth number same continue narrowed 25 as you can see
  • 19:30: flue gases from barbecue will come here and flue gases be denied go directly to the pipe while they will not interfere with each friend also this projection will have a role will be partly to perform the role stone teeth and prevent penetration cold air through a pipe in brazier
  • 20:01: street complexes This is not necessary but because the constructive it is particularly simplify simplify the transition from this Flue in pipe it itself It allows you to make here such a concession 28 mind go masonry
  • 20:33: as you can see here we there is a tab the sweeping ledges is of course the easiest option and hardly any the customer wants see at Barbecue with house collection but if you You are doing it for themselves then a simple cooking meat
  • 21:00: it is enough the twenty-eighth series 29 twenty-ninth a number of us smoke box out on section dimensions pipes 25 20 and 250 250 here begins 6 ride pipe laying these types of repeated
  • 21:30: each other the whole you Now get this simple barbecues ketchup He refused It is the easiest a variant of those which I know there is no need any sawing bricks and not his ie grinding most simple
  • 22:01: barbecue version the end of this movie I want to say that not everyone has the time and opportunity to do afford such personal complex with a barbecue and Kazan we with Alexey Chadov ready to help you in this our contacts are beneath the video call if you decide decorate the gazebo like complexes see you soon following video I will try to write in one week