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Laying of the country brick furnace. Part 2\/2. + Fire safety regulations.  See details »

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  • 00:10: good afternoon our subscriber channel furnace brickwork tough in this video we we continue laying villa simple oven the first part of this video we stopped on the tenth row in the eleventh row we set iron plate 40 70 centimeters discuss this Moments detail in the photo you
  • 00:31: see inside plates of the it has two basic size The first is an external plate 40 on the perimeter 70 centimeters and internal boarding perimeter 35 to 65 centimeters which must be 12 centimeters worse more than the opening of the furnace plate is placed on the dry and pencil We envisage a brick on distance of 10 millimeters open
  • 01:01: then grinders each brick rasp tsa on these lines to a depth of 10-15 millimeters only then bricks fall on clay solution continue to provide plate in the opening and We check the level evenness installation places are not busy contact grind grinder with petal form Skim when reception It is becoming enough even for perimeter laid seal of
  • 01:31: non-combustible materials or like superpower asbestos cord thickness 36 millimeters at desire for seal can be putting a thin layer clay solution 1 3 mm from the top I was putting another plate just check horizontality plate and fall asleep formed seam the edge of the plate building sand even if the contact plates will not be one hundred percent hermetically
  • 02:00: It's not a problem oven proper design and demi even open circles sealingly setting slabs of clay solution I will not I recommend first he still It cracks may result in pressure bricks on her the perimeter or even in some cases of rupture most cast iron stoves stove as well as grate
  • 02:31: It must be free expand and removed from the furnace after installation cast iron plates is run only a three-channel heating plate twelfth row we We cover the transition from the second channel 1 thus formed three vertical channel 12 centimeters 13 series overlapping December 14 and 13 so Further alternating rows we change our height
  • 03:00: villa oven at laying each row check on horizontality level and verticality taut cords or plumb 18th row the transition gases from the channel 3 in second on the same row I He established the second daewoo bolt ideally it should be as high as possible but my case, I was limited not convenient transfer already installed in smoke pipe nineteenth
  • 03:30: series continue clutch 18 series I parallel this taps of the vertical the number one channel the right to 6 centimeters for connection to pipe twentieth number covers all Channels other than the first 21 number again bandage channels overlap empirically been found that when overlapping of two rows top temperature point is about 60 to 70 degrees when March 4 ranks
  • 04:01: overlap 50 60 degrees it has matter if you You are going there dry subjects with different temperatures melting twenty-second baby tab two pipes optimum passage for a successful furnace be 12 to 12 centimeters or so called stacking in a bushel detailed brickwork pipe and I you are already on Examples of other furnace separate video
  • 04:30: regards this furnace to note oven dry out how It can be faster for that heat room and she was electric heater with fan or a combustion chamber plate or as in this photo in front and honest door closed valve summer travel the next step was grouting and Lenin sandy fat solution on 20-30 percent of hearing its normal decorative jointing with seal was further
  • 05:00: to sweep with brush on average brick washed by excess solution after 1 2 hours after this brick polished to electric drill with a Now packed pile this landing gentle enough not to damage glossy finish bricks while enough effectively removes stubborn residues dirt and fasten align the color and brick surface the end of the video I want to address
  • 05:31: beginners cookies which the It takes advantage of giving for these cookies I did firefighting this furnace for butchering walls starting from their submissions design of furnaces ecstatic combination of different elements as well who knew temperature on the edge of a dressing presented liver exceed 70 degrees Celsius is extremely situation I isolate it based insulation but from the point of basalt of rules fire security
  • 06:00: cutting should performed without ligation with a stove brick on edge so too it It called cold a quarter of that is what I I recommend lead laying at the moment I book Shepeleva masonry ovens its hand function I I have no cleaning conscience and I read the rules fire security given in his book long
  • 06:30: observations It found that houses with oven heating about 50 percent all fires It is due to faulty state furnaces tubes and not in real firing properly masonry stoves corpse cause them great upset with the advent of cracks chipping clay and other solutions in words getting through cracking bricks crosslinked masonry burning combustible gases gas and fire causes rapid beyond flammable The special design wood fire
  • 07:01: may occur also from the deck soot that He is going to think them channels should know that the tree ignited by Now these heating tube 300 degrees lesson Celsius if the tree a long time contact with items warmed up temperature 100 degrees Celsius it It can also be very flare up so all wooden parts building wall partitions overlapping the other should be placed
  • 07:30: at some distance from warming up surfaces ovens device Forums koleos Stupak ie a then improve the masonry Whether the furnace wall pipe prohibited plank flooring or do filing tight to the walls radical or pipe grief they must only reach cutting edge of best not reach 10 millimeters of cutting the use case concrete or ceramic tiles Installation furnace between combustible
  • 08:00: wooden walls or partitions between I did not see the air is not less than 130 millimeters with wood with insulation hand cutting distance between shit and smoke must be at least 2 150 millimeters of Insulation tree is distance increased to three one hundred and eighty millimeters of mortar sometimes we close lay side the parties in this case, wooden wall so isolated called cold 4 ie wall
  • 08:30: a quarter thickness bricks which placed on felt a new house with comb or grumble or given that the walls they will give more weave when closed by a mortar with bulls on setting wooden shield attached to the wall so that it slid between parts attachment does not interfere with rainfall on this wall make cold shield also consider put in a die so how do you keep Brick on the felt practically difficult it is necessary to first on a billboard wall or lay
  • 09:01: conclusion nail it nails so that it does not subsided and then clay solution lay bricks securing it nails while wearing spikes or performing eyes wire netting after the laying of a brick plastered clay or other more durable solution closed air interval of air circulation between the furnace and cold quarter top and bottom sides should be make a hole closing their bars
  • 09:30: 4 make cold height and width concession equal width or height oven but at least when kitchen stove is opening wood partitions or between wooden walls Cutting carrying on the sides of the plate in polkirpicha Stove two bricks upright and cutting is not allowed dressing fold furnace or tube matter at which solution growth these cutting implemented
  • 10:00: categorically It is prohibited as it is Anyway connect Connect ash furnaces underground should definitely leave a gap from the top of the ceiling to overlap the furnace by Roof of isolation the ceiling is not less than 350 millimeters and tion brought 250 millimeters it must be available for inspection and repair dedusting if the heat of the furnace capacious having a weight of 50 to 700
  • 10:32: the kilogram gap is 350,450 millimeters and for her heat capacious 700 1000 millimeters wooden ceilings on furnaces plaster of felting and taken isolated on layers the will to order this insulation for plaster and to pit for upholstery and roof steel was 150 millimeters more in all parties than furnace sizes if the stove includes
  • 11:00: flue with using three pipe I have to get wood ceiling or partitions distance does not set less than 500 millimeters and then 80 liters millimeters if there wood insulation floors to fuel nick any food isolate domain goals to or asbestos cover sheet steel roofing of at least 500 up to 700 mm covering plinth roofing steel under
  • 11:30: kitchen fire or furnaces on legs wooden floors and necessarily cover asbestos or a two-layer felt insulation followed by closing the roof steel the size of this Insulation should be equal furnace or large and all 150 countries millimeters furnace and the tubes should be systematically inspect and immediately to correct possible defects in the winter especially during it is necessary to carefully follow the sad pipes some this More makeshift furnace
  • 12:01: put at a distance by Graham structure at least the bottom meter categorically prohibited invest around furnaces flammable materials should Pay special attention to the clutch chimneys and their contents appropriate right cutting They put us on clay lime and this Segment us or cement mortar they should not are tied tab pipe and be a thickness equal to the wall Do you partition usually the thickness razdelok a quarter
  • 12:30: brick face adjacent portion grief, we design section isolated sheet asbestos or 12 IU felt felt desirable visually impregnate Monti part of the pain you the thickness of the felt isolation It should be at least 20 if millimeters warriors thin it is served in two-three the width of a mortar layer or cutting considered and that is, the smoke internal furnace surface and
  • 13:00: flue and equal to 3 one hundred and eighty millimeters when not protected fires design 250 millimeters if they protected from insulation fire often in the walls where there is smoke Channels have to stow wooden beams they should be arranged so that between the beam and internal at the surface of the channel it was not the distance less than 2 150 millimeters Chimney from Conventional furnaces and 380 millimeters from stoves with long firebox ends of the beams with
  • 13:30: channel side but isolate the end leave open more reliably leave between beams at their ends and chimneys on a distance of 380 millimeters with mandatory masonry insulating layer sometimes beam came against chimneys and carry it in one way or another towards the impossible this case shorten hurt in bolt short crossbeam Services are two false beams and cement each other Mshak
  • 14:02: Swallow Court ends beams mortgaged wall saw adjacent blue isolated indigenous Shaft and pipe as well as in the mouth where it passes channels at the level I intercommunication and attic floor the process of masonry walls or flue or pipe perform horizontally cutting or time guns that manufactured during pipe laying increased the cord transaction and brick furnaces short
  • 14:30: boggy thickness 1 receives a brick this distance considered to smoke parsed wood structures that you must beat sheet asbestos cardboard and views flocks felt if no insulation materials it is better to but it brings cutting one and a half brick however, and at such cutting needed if the furnace insulation or kitchen hearth is heated above three hours taro deal It should be one and a half brick obligation insulation at
  • 15:00: no insulation Cutting bring in two bricks tab cutting business complex so the story and attic ceilings for maintaining masonry best to apply through him who is on board thickness 50 millimeters of plate after laying the riser can be perform a breaker arranging cutting It should be taken into attention to the different sediment building walls Indigenous tube furnace stone wall pipe and the furnace give a little does not mean wear wooden chopped walls
  • 15:30: especially life especially dry out not dried up material from settling average 150 millimeters rise nozzle walls also are at on konopatki together with walls settle and overlap prior to and on the of paid work insulation mind around cutting up beginning and at the toll
  • 16:00: works insulation around shares the paying When walls give draft more than Karina de mas 1 and the pipe Cutting doing so that it has a margin I go inside premises if radical pipe and the furnace rescued from a single tube give more precipitation than the walls and Taras overlap Cannon should have supply top height attic floor often fall asleep little light
  • 16:30: thermally conductive enough thermal conductivity in feasts materials sawdust, peat dry tree leaves and other such top materials be sure to go to sleep slag sand ground at 20 millimeters This cutting needed could return mesh not less than 70 millimeters and generally and the more the better about doing it not completely take away I have no backfill thickness less than 100 millimeters wooden rafters and crate should
  • 17:01: defend against external surfaces brick chimneys not less than 130 millimeters and combustible roofs distance between roof pipe must be at least 260 millimeters at this Our video is over soon I try to put a video in which I licking bannuyu brick oven by unravel in general watch channel
  • 17:30: also subscribe join our group in contact masonry of furnaces in Izhevsk see you soon