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  • 00:07: good morning early August probably no would argue in stupid She has a very beautiful flowers are always pleasing but its flowering to extend bloom petunias necessarily must be removed every day faded flowers and that's how this
  • 00:31: not far removed from the not only flower but crop receptacle in order to plants do not and squandered nutrients on the seed formation ie removal faded flowers together with the receptacle
  • 01:00: second necessary prerequisite for good flowering 1 are fertilizing Once in 10 days I I recommend use full mineral fertilizer such as NPK here in this case, Nitrogen helps bush increases the green weight and phosphorus and potassium provides abundant flowering as a I have said today
  • 01:30: the beginning of August, and as a you see shoots lengthened grew some places ie were bare Here in these places flowering already that is stopped such abundant as the beginning of flowering vegetation piece flowering is not observed to to increase bloom improve flowering make it more abundant
  • 02:00: give bush views flowering bulb there is another way quite radical and a good time I come to this the beginning of August this very strong radical pruning bush that is, that's the stretched-out shoots very much cut off almost half a can be more here in this manner
  • 02:34: cut off stretched-out shoots nothing wrong This is not a couple of 14 weeks 15 days of leaf sinuses new shoots grow back peduncle and throw bloom after two weeks You will have a bush
  • 03:01: a completely different attractive and abundantly blooming That's how we produce see bush pruning becomes more compact naturally immediately after trimming must feed our bush and so I recommend
  • 03:30: make it complete mineral fertilizer and NPK 30 grams per bucket of water and pour under a bush although there are many others are now removal that sold in the shop it and master it master for flowering Plants like this way of the circumcision our bush you always You find the necessary
  • 04:00: but you fertilizer feed not forget to I spoke through a couple of weeks your Bush again please you richly flowering Now cut that's wash so it is not necessary afraid that the course It has now become not so how beautiful it was
  • 04:36: soon everything will return to circle and bush It will be even more beautiful Now we fertilize photo of me I take NPK a couple of tablespoons a bucket of water is about 25 30 grams
  • 05:03: dissolve NPK very good and very It dissolves quickly moisture and here we see NPK our fertilizers solution and we pour trimmed bush fertilizer a song is powered
  • 05:35: mulching and everything We will wait for him but this revival not all of the shoots you just They can be cut cut into cuttings and of grafted for our petunia that is,
  • 06:01: root and stalk uterine grow plants which spring will be take cuttings on breeding sows seeds on of grafted uterine plants from one bush can slice to 100 cuttings for breeding your Python what we do To do this, choose choose the most
  • 06:30: successful escape most fat plump and cut the stalk with three knots one-two-three delete if all the flower stalks flowers have lower sections were taken at the most node and breaks off
  • 07:01: leaves from the bottom host Now here we have a three nodes and stalk fill glass soil mix I I buy in store because Ogorodnaya land is often if compacted slightly dry up and this group is a mixture of and air permeable
  • 07:31: not sealed then our cherenochek until we put take it one of korneobrazovatelem my case kornevin showered and dip the lower section cuttings and kornevin then plunge and a half-two centimeter
  • 08:05: mixture too loud most do, and with be cut under the lower unit 1 2 3 1 centimeter above remove the top node flower stalks
  • 08:34: remove leaves from lower node dip lower assembly kornevin and also paste it in half or two centimeter with ground glass Now blend these
  • 09:01: glasses put in the shade it is not in the shadow place in the sun and after two or three weeks through the cup wall you will see rootlets Now with the advent of when a cold root has these petunias with the onset cold storing a their apartment and store at a temperature of 14-16 degrees at very
  • 09:32: scarce watering is to Example than in the loggia lower the temperature the less light these need your plants at the beginning of the year you get them are recorded in an apartment put on a sunny sill watering nitrogen fertilizers to build
  • 10:01: green mass and when grow new shoots enough long for to cut 2 nodal cuttings You start to cut and rooting them in the same one way if the difference cherenochki glass and we We put in the shade cuttings that will take root in the spring should be put on sunny windowsill
  • 10:30: wherein the python bush and grown grown from cuttings spring come into flowering or reach predetermined of conditions faster than plants grown from seed Of course you can instill such cherenochki with all types of species
  • 11:01: petunias and a spring surfinii multiply them without sowing seeds good luck to you wait for new video