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  • 00:04: Today I'll show you how to plant a resolution in May was said how bright the UN resolution I chose this one bush which can be very clearly see such operations are performed or how to put process Ryazan hands near here seen
  • 00:30: in bushes it's clear that pair BEAC bush different varieties of this is now left previously yellow just right this is beeline small flowers I am also very early stages whitespace white chrysanthemum blooms earlier than yellow but why is that and now in Irkutsk yellow went just better than you thing but
  • 01:00: trace white blooms for a few days before before the bonnet bush I certainly watered like any seedlings need prepare that were filled with important future seedlings I now I will be to them on the hood and Volosozhar not bury bush there I cook and prepare now! section prepare furrows
  • 01:31: sit lei and an umbrella than would have me here here at this site in a small but passengers in the house's garden this tracks will not be in my family there are three varieties one kind of very small curb 1 46 I showed the yellow and white of the second Curbing blooms very early start its blossom respect this institution for three months it is the birthplace of classes to twenty centimeters
  • 02:01: then he will sit you right here the edge I'm yahoo at less furrow Find streets, and will seat vodka building yahoo for planting chrysanthemums the distance between the races quite well small positive almost right so that she did not have graduates turned chrysanthemums
  • 02:32: Where is the 35 to 40 centimeters although acoustics protein vain Center this trend in May they are still quite small compact they can even tighter Well put, I did not do will be put on the same condition as larger bush to
  • 03:00: I just so enjoy You can also we bear this in mind and small preliminary in which bushes are very small curb they can be planted somewhere in the distance 20 25 centimeters when they will stand up not only in the amount of all such also forces the fence can not be anything I did not guess the distance of about 60 centimeters large bushes
  • 03:31: it closed Angola they are busy project partners and to all of them in Italy but now I flooded with water first let and chrysanthemum and landing crimes in early May after the curb analyzers about how beautiful How to talk about it Now we are ready to share in installments wild boar
  • 04:03: Here's a he, in his statement Now I will let the land not divided Russian chat Rostrud motor noise I have been sealed so it is very then wakes May 4 finishing well ask why the force
  • 04:32: that is simply celebrate and then you can share beautiful we point here is a growing that's it good checks all this is a great germ I save such receipts everything can be taken stitching
  • 05:03: Of course, it is desirable to in August Now look, I messed GDP in the background but such a film how can land safely say Only one condition at the same time while rooting must be constantly wet
  • 05:31: rainfall this growth so if lack of planting material is very small or because you have a better many visitors fund this basis You can indulge So I really I think how much I need sprouts Now I take here are the roots without even
  • 06:00: although the way the big yes feed rate there's such small they, too, will grow well Oh and if there is a choice that it is always better to choose These are powerful bushes root small it is almost the nothing wrong So share 2 one
  • 06:33: Now when you divided before plant root chrysanthemum sprouts reach about here of this size where there several of these tiers simultaneously with the planting can top of prischipnut put an end to it in a way left
  • 07:00: newspaper May 4 true leaves that is, I do not think that's such of which from the sinuses where they go passport means a boy one two three four 5, that is, here you can safely in fact, there are still Star 6 m in stock and only then in general terms, so I'm doing all
  • 07:32: beginners I but this is not enough perfectly this is possible he seems to be not too asia Sosa pinch off remove kidney WHO is Roztocze yes he keep away from thefts VS
  • 08:00: space everyone understands that the most encourage lateral development riding up a second order nearer that broke 10 dangerous attacks lead on these second order winning in fact will develop our bushes if this is not done
  • 08:31: Ratas it will go up the assessment will appear but they are not so powerful no one will no mobile Further if we correctly pinch back they would have such rostochku you can create a very chic at the curb on the course this will not work, he will be just such a the public cute bush but serving those who raise chrysanthemums
  • 09:02: all have to recalculate again discount stocks studio theater as she kindergartens each assessment that is, an attack of the second order will be March 4 SI, and so that is the plan like this pour USD Kiev Water absorbs a little and straight dirt as any sprouts we plant sprouts Ryazanians well Of course you do
  • 09:31: to make some sort of organic fertilizer, it was selection of wall disruptions Chrysanthemum very well respond to entry humus late compost can still be either a fertilizers necessarily because without fertilizer Well, that's hard to get or rather impossible to get good chic abundant flowering
  • 10:03: Oksana So I hit the post is more which is already very large industry and on this who will be very clearly building Well if you too, so happened
  • 10:34: if that is you happened bush like this OK it's very nice well prepared transplant at shield that is, if quite small bush and still very little time point it is impossible to calculate
  • 11:00: while exercise transplanting precipitation you can not count the how to plant if you wait until they will sprouts and little will of the author's I have been here a large east it is very easy on the eye Yushchenko sacked This I do not think the same six flights May 6 represent
  • 11:32: and so it is this is what where the root anonymous monitoring her Oscar if the choice is great even just gave broke off old hall wherein the mole which is not here twice a year Emelyanova length is 3000 sq
  • 12:03: prototype but here such a good grayness beautiful it is a pity of course could not be helped You may have to be postponed to take root broken off and the party you can throw planting material abound that's the way which boarding
  • 12:30: material Small flowers but here at all as well as to preparing year center on the seedlings I did not show I expressed and shared the third bush you saw it perfectly on the first two and so can be seen on some
  • 13:01: bushes in some areas, and introduce large bales nothing wrong with a little court on this It can be observed by those rostochku which was not the case and there is no in the next few days earlier rise and discounts I kept taking the decision rooted they begin well as to raise the leaves as they will receive power the movement resistance of the day parent flock moving to self-powered
  • 13:31: as the saying goes like this as much as my father did not work Of course I have allocated for separate chrysanthemums lot but if if you put in a winning half the general fund budget appearance only those points which concern branch bush planting rostochku themselves brilliant swimming something that already today all
  • 14:01: I note that the District Crown Chrysanthemum should be planted and share in the same way as the small color when planting is no different just need to It is forbidden to leave on the fourth fifth leaf clouds over the fifth because that is the most first stylistics base today in sinus the first degree start to grow
  • 14:30: stepson and then it turns out March 2 2 2 3 stepson on which the flowers develop but in this case it turns out though males are larger the fewer colors in large and umbrellas MIPC larger than themselves Platonov obtained but now we are with the third all time when repair of those touched growth and to them will second order winning when we have them bursting Chamber
  • 15:03: and good luck to all of you