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The self-made device for welding a skrutok.  See details »



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  • 00:14: Hello I name is Vyacheslav Zhdanov I deal with electrical installation works in Omsk today will be short story about my words welding welding machine it twists self-made welding machine for it was more
  • 00:30: clarifying questions then the heart of this welding machine not the heart of this the device is transformer Transformer as in many video about and like welding unit to record times formats basically there featured some who we found but expresses I do not have a garage in which are several transformers so I went store-bought brand transformer AS he 025 ear i'll try This transformer 220
  • 01:02: volts at 12 volts capacity 025 kilovolt amperes here any characteristics given the cost Omsk something about 600 700 rubles more power to high voltage 220 current approaches him from the usual paint and Here is such a help girls fork reinforced Orekhovskaya Rubber on I used cable for high voltage 2 half as a very
  • 01:31: new insulation shake winter does not break on cable appropriate box are drilled holes can be seen clearly cringe drawer quietly next phase of the well, or there that man will through such automatically off 11th 1 I I soiled my inbox someone objects coffee plugged it here on cable
  • 02:00: why used to half because transformer has here a I grounding bolt grounding means contact through this tip Further power 220 automatic switch and beets He comes to the receiver high clinics stress as you realize high voltage indicated Tsiferki 11 k1 vkontakte means connected through tips not nshvi
  • 02:30: we forget flexible cable must be to screw connection if you are using screw Connects checks shouts it must be either tips or nshvi coated went further days of low voltage 12 Volt go from this transformer contact n 2 k2 here they are on the porch cable here g1 10 ie two wires Game 1 to 10 it is also rubber wire
  • 03:00: insulation in winter nothing with breaks I mean they do use these length of wire game half meters but this is not enough in you complain 35 meters of it all but the cable lived on that they were a meter three and a half why it is necessary when the solvent such as a ladder I lay on just such scaffolding so I convenient to transformer Welding stood on on them, and to you can reach to-ceiling windows these two vodka contact state
  • 03:31: three and a half meters in my optimal ie much length you also do not increased to currents welding were big enough that was not lost in these wires at all that the current maximum These wires must be They are good but the courts Skog to work three half a meter there they will generally be ideally further in as contact and reverse contact someone calls I used ordinary
  • 04:00: pliers start cucumbers I bought in the store Auchan they cost 47 rubles cheapest than them nothing you need and do not need just keep start via the sleeve cable wire to g-1 in 10 connected to hooks that if these all pliers not insulated two layers of tape further by
  • 04:31: as holder I electrodes ready to use holder so he standing too near drawing very comfortable before I I am using conventional Crocodile year well, rude saying that used to Booster car ducks accumulators It lost that is power was lost in this contract he strongly and basked and Welding sealing the wound is not very turned quality cake or become the holder
  • 05:00: electrode appears in my previous video about safe connection wires by welding in as an electrode, I I am using coal I bought it through to rag pickers market and cost about 50 rubles graphite bill collector I mean its motor betrayed here is such a Here the same form that I have the experience I tried various but the shape of the electrodes
  • 05:31: optimally in my sight so that is square for rectangular the base section to maximize the a contact holder the date of the electrode to there were no gaps here that is better he no longer contact Once you have passed further and this part which contacts directly from twisting its diameter It should ideally be somewhere a little bit smaller and is the diameter of the twist that is in my case, it's somewhere 4
  • 06:00: millimeter click on 300 engine sawed lengthwise into 4 pieces Why Get 4. for those 10 to my disciples, and they consumed too much and the column that is, in my opinion about several thousand welds to do then it means easily inserted keep the other end that is, a pair of pliers we keep twisting and
  • 06:30: We make you It means an example of my this unit and Now I show here a friend of mine amateur photographer at the same time have more to say that not welding camera and camera shoot not desirable to may be damaged matrix so I Now I will make several welding various wires sections and show already let's result see what we turned cables I found these in my and those scraps then cooked begin
  • 07:00: order and the conductor glow one and a half square is 6 millimeters conductor cross-section one and a half square millers are three conductor cross-section two and a half years is 5 conductors section two and half software views This three conductors
  • 07:30: section 4 square millimeters and the three conductor cross-section six square connection conductors for April 6 square millimeters made very rarely basically I had Arina joining six this is when you had urgently reestablish heating of the earth 25 clay at a cafe
  • 08:02: He's got burned boiler room and a very a piece of an old dog but the increase was wall connection feeling 6 squares then folds flunked we solim Time scheme hooked from then on We dealt with what and It means here and so it is it looks ready as someone like You can do so who does not like do as you More like wash out as the most
  • 08:30: reliable connection This welding or soldering that's all around Thank you for attention subscribe to my Channel place husky till