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  • 00:00: Hi there again ideas for you from the editorial I wish you much fun while look at I show you today how to Tunisian hegel i'm sure pattern can work the first row I have the basic stitch worked and now it goes like this continue firstly developed a mesh like
  • 00:31: used then take two slings on the needle and crochet the mesh and then an envelope from front to back to thread the needle down again two wrap together from would again envelope
  • 01:05: and you do now gradually to the journey is to end and it ends with the statements do an additional air mass work and back to fix as usual always
  • 01:32: two slings together from so once they cooperated mesh and Once the envelope hang out with to move around the pattern begins to the following round now with two brands
  • 02:00: hang out and an envelope So you can see the mesh-like here running this mesh is always on top of the two together are mixed to devour here our previous envelope
  • 02:39: and how you end up with two stitches in basic stitch an additional air make and so how to do it as usual that's all so these two pattern rows always repeat and then is here as a pattern with a
  • 03:01: beautiful sloping alongside the Crochet Chinese he likes welcome to visit our facebook group which is called Tunisian hedges or striegeln where there are lots of Another pattern to this great theme I wish you much fun with it