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  • 00:05: My friend Olga Seymour He promised now give me a bath in it as always plenty of magical surprises Welcome area I know that the cure do today to site of some of Kafka magic soap is it was not magic soap absolutely everyday without This soap is not do any one self-respecting Oriental woman from
  • 00:31: the Persian Gulf to India and Egypt, Morocco, Yemen and so on, in general all except beauty me and now it's time to fill this but where does the gap Bath the fact that the soap that we today will Cook she called Beldi this soap black spa integer complex road to procedures at home you not easy to bath I want you to her Moroccan soap Beldi black kids
  • 01:01: for consistency in the I was their school carpet butter chicken you It establishes and much more vnih part in Moroccan Lazne on mother walls and lavruha mom with Mamoru falls on hot stone and people on warming and to steam to Edna I vik temperature 35 to 50 degrees to head and pair sprays and you give me detoxification the body treatment work on your heart this system microcirculation the blood lymph previous soured not forces the body does not Astana roller seen soap Beldi and quality and skrabu
  • 01:31: This chewing gum ru its traditions prepares to the basis of this climb Essential alle op Kalita noise and antiseptic and also power you filmed in a house lost yavis will tarry wool Razumov Activity loan that was Moroccan black soap used hammam to clean the skin wash skin and prepare it to the next procedure for this We need prepare soap basis we can take a piece of children's soap
  • 02:01: without fragrances without anything and rub it on a coarse grater you can buy the foundation for soap Beldi it also sold or soap base in a shops and all kinds cost quite low and it is something beginning a 100 gram foundation We brew green tea strong strong green tea and 100 grams of soap base add somewhere Stus Top-50 well, a maximum of 150
  • 02:30: gram and put this water bath and wait until all our soap dissolved get a thick jelly matter remember that it is necessary to soap choose if you take the children's free fragrances less Vova natret the faster soap melted and very it is important to have soap not burned and Now this procedure Melting the soap may It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours
  • 03:00: so when we we are preparing Beldi do not hurry as Eastern woman Our soap base already Melt and it turns out that's a here and got down to 100 and console the way when you'll sink was do not forget open the windows vents we ventilate our soap base and pour some general function green tea here green tea sumptuously Magath tones
  • 03:31: go toxin every possible from the skin that accumulate in the dermis which is very often such uneven color skin cellulite any and chicks bad we take traditional olive oil is there now we We do the foundation Beldi which It uses any case and then added some ingredients it here soap base itself and olive and olive oil and the Is the main evil I I add one to the eye fifth of the soap base it's such traditional and
  • 04:01: classic recipe and for what purpose olive oil add Beldi olive oil to soften the skin It helps open pores to help the skin soak and more olive oil perfectly connected to The next very important Well that is an ingredient this eucalyptus what if we We buy at the pharmacy most common in Fri feces it costs about 9 hryvnia pachechka 50 grams is enough Eucalyptus Eucalyptus we finely finely finely
  • 04:30: grind on coffee grinder for turned to dust in any case not put it big pieces of a very important because it It acts as a scrub and it helps open our pores very well and why you as additional ingredient is eucalyptus chosen it is traditional Beldi soap is eucalyptus and now already appears the dark color thanks to Beldi called laundry and at first it green eucalyptus need enough because soap
  • 05:01: Beldi This paste it stored in jars with good cover, we take his pen boys applied to the body that instead of eucalyptus it could be anything could be but You can add for example if you suffer rashes that can add example you know that chamomile eg the eastern woman living in such a difficult hot climate and plus they to wear on Statement enough we better clothes and Of course, women and
  • 05:31: sweat here is soap skin washed here these soap always allows the skin smell good never to skin rash acne irritation of prickly heat so it's just really fount female health and beauty but also add mate tea spoon dry powder of ginger fresh root can be It would be crushed and add no because that the fresh root will rot, and when it is almost here It has not cushy
  • 06:01: hot and you add to Eucalyptus oil essential remarkable amazing add at such volume can 40 to 30 drops safely why not in hot mixture because essential oil quickly destroyed evaporates and nothing will remain without it eucalyptus essential oil can do there and so on when my eucalyptus prosperity there is the fact that dry eucalyptus It acts as dry
  • 06:30: Scrub it as it comes quietly into the skin later opened and essential oils we they breathe and inhale and act through us and affect the sense of smell somewhat different on top of the our epidermis the skin should freezes see the edges we grab this spoon quickly quickly once pick up and shift where did you get that It can be stored glass jar and important that it well, we closed
  • 07:01: its cover with soapy already in our jar we We stand a week or two soap should mature it will become black Black ink but use can be used him in a sauna bath Hammami as possible of our urban bathroom on steamed body you take piece by enough for the body here here here is such a here are so many on the tips of the fingers and Apply a little hands foaming and for all
  • 07:30: body expect about two to three minutes and well he mochalochku moisten and foamed we pass circular movements completely completely whole body the skin will shine with you will young invigorates your skin will spoil the amazing but as often it can be do use every day is enough time in three a week do currently such bath procedure, even though my stepashka loves not wash wash every day and believe me nothing terrible for
  • 08:02: to prepare Moroccan soap Beldi necessary take 100 grams baby soap rub it on a fine grater 100 grams of soap base We fill 100 150 grams strong brewed green tea top soap based on water bath to complete dissolution soap chips remove from heat and start adding there olive oil join my foundation erased eucalyptus add half teaspoon dry
  • 08:30: ginger powder when mixture will be slightly add warm essential oil eucalyptus 30 drops sufficiently carefully mix closing the jar Soaking in the dark retaliation from 6 to 12 days and use as a ordinary soap