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▶ How to sew the Pillowcase with "УШКАМИ" - easy and fast way. - YouTube

▶ How to sew the Pillowcase with "УШКАМИ" - easy and fast way. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:35: hello friends today I tell you how to sew pillowcase dryers that I think a spoon No need to explain this here such here at the edges pillow like SWEETHEART Now I have here pillowcases sewn to 50 pillows in 50 languages and here but I will tell you how to live more standard size
  • 01:00: is 50 to 70 and 70 to 70 bipod width 5 centimeters that's how I here I will sew 2 pillowcases size 50 70 dryers how do you know all that buttons or it is used for bed linen more often and since it natural material he will naturally so I sit you now give cloth size
  • 01:30: stock shrinkage to you at the village fabric you absolutely You need to wash high temperature washing machine with powder is desired and also to iron on cottons or linen desirably steam iron and so give size to sew two pillowcases for cushion 50 to 70 you buy cloth if
  • 02:00: you have the fabric width 220 you take the meter in length forty if you cloth width meter Fifty you take two meters and if you You want to make two pillowcases for pillows 70 to 70 with a width of 220 you We should take the metro Eighty more I tell you what sizes needed I repeat, I cut out I sew my pillow
  • 02:30: pillowcase on the pillow 50 to 70, and for this I you need to cut out pieces 190 on sixty-three such a piece of our will be two is cut means such material is very just do not have anything draw melochkom take regular centimeter we need 190 63 Measure out and stumbles this will overstrain
  • 03:00: very fast way I repeat cutting I'm constantly so I do so and you I advise you do not have to nothing to draw but first we must ensure that we have smooth edges when you go trimmed fabric edges are not always It is smooth and angle, and that is you make sure completely flat line if the line is not even take indented 3 centimeter somewhere over ceccotti scissors and overstrain himself sharply the end
  • 03:30: attach a strip tissue and thus you align this one he will have the edge perfectly straight so So I measured out 63 and made one pencil or myltsem here is such a metochku further we We should take the scissors and cut and you Here I take a pair of scissors and I do so here a button and then we have sharply and quickly doru
  • 04:02: do not be afraid that you leave aside the cloth it does not go anywhere it It is talking on a string That's how we make up the end of neat tips It is up edge because the edge is not on thus not overstrain edge you so you should wear here the length we need cut meter ninety too itself
  • 04:30: to me meter in length ninety do notch grub so we do two pieces so we need do more here at We turned this Length Length strip of cloth Now our task two tuck short cut to cm and sew them Here is a short cut and accordingly at the other end, too, thing to do
  • 05:03: Why this is the first cut it short to the upper part pillowcases and the second cut short so he So they rolled up centimeter
  • 05:38: here such a long and the material web cutting and sheathed Two short cut now we need to put a face cloth and mark up from a sheathed cut so here 75 centimeters so we
  • 06:01: metochku did the same most have to do with to edge 75 cm and then we need to on This metochki bend so here is a fabric a person receives inside and underside outside So we bent fabric
  • 06:30: here's 75 and It seems to be all the same same as we sew ordinary pillowcase yes but there's one that's feature that necessarily need we observe here on 75 of these have measure out five more centimeters and make metochku here as 5 we centimeters Measure out here bend we smell
  • 07:01: will not be before the court as a usually like this here and leaving here these five centimeters like this 30 times all slaughtered and bulavochkami to have us nothing He slipped and bulavochkami Miss prick here and here so the total length
  • 07:30: It should turn from we have 80 centimeters of it Out of the corner of this water it's this part of the 5 should be centimeters and here check that the part odor was equal here the other side of that is, as though this is now part was equal to that then you all will perfectly then our task simply pave place that is like untreated cut we have to sew
  • 08:01: just straight we stitch sew these edges on distance of one and a half cm and overcast anyone there is serger or who Well there is a zigzag on centimeter somewhere that a straight line so we We do these two here means Well, I handled
  • 08:31: edge for the question I myself do not like here the case for sticking but this is not sure and now we have just prune all sticking threads and to iron heaven that we have processed so I I twisted around we must now face will straighten the seam and press it and it's
  • 09:00: see that we it turns out you see that We have here, this part remained as if not to the end that is the entrance to the inside pillowcases shall 5 centimeters look we fully not only to iron sections but also their entire pillow see what it get a huge and now the
  • 09:30: most interesting and piece of work we should this pillowcase how to reduce paving the very line at a distance 5 centimeters which and will do this here I gave her little wings pillows our ears
  • 10:18: under on the side of here open and also note 5 centimeters and do line and more here Now here it will be necessary very neatly as if here in this
  • 10:30: five centimeters well here to draw this region that is that he did not like that here I was not here and so namely you exactly 5 centimeters to here it's side then line neatly went Here the intended line here so that there you are single stitching everyone will like this on the perimeter of the grind so here neatly kill the pin to you exactly 5 centimeters and when you got
  • 11:02: You will be here this here piece treating you and bend the course here to this side It you do not have to sew pillowcase input here shear bulavochkami here on around the perimeter pad for someone pins so I clearly lined 5 centimeters here when we sew I I have said it is necessary to will turn down the
  • 11:30: have you ever reach make a tack necessary because that this is the most to which node most can tear that's why here are the things tack and that's how slightly turn down and continues to decline pillow here on this then place again go here here We do tie-off and continue continues to decline
  • 12:00: like the pillow also It can be done But if you tack You see here here here the shine is the smell that in so We sit down at the typewriter and stitched by 5 centimeters on each side I did tack and I continue for the the-line which you and I have outlined 5 centimeters through all pins perfectly
  • 12:30: jumps so it points stick perpendicularly line neatly reach the la is this tissue continue line we take out benches horoshenechko
  • 13:00: All this prison that's our ready pillowcase with her mind seems so huge but then how would be out of the corner but we We have done and we can check like all and all is correct made whether or not We measure how much us from the line and to lines should be 50 70's overall size 80 to 60 naturally but
  • 13:31: It is the easiest way to do ears have pillowcases I I peeped in Kay Now here he is our long-long normal smell pillow here will not fall out general shall insert pillow and show
  • 14:05: here it is our pillow so go write it at all Well, all is simple yet till