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▶ School of knitting "Шерстяные истории". Knitting of a strip. - YouTube

▶ School of knitting "Шерстяные истории". Knitting of a strip. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: rub f rub Ryazan strips on districts the transition from one color but other always turns out jaggies which look quite casually
  • 00:31: let's see how you can use the very simple method to avoid this lack suppose Kuleshin children's beanie in strip in a circle two rows will necessarily yarn and order of the dark buckle Now this boy Show only the beginning of a circular options we tied the two series, and nothing comes Now continue Ryazan good reason we take a light oil
  • 01:01: let's look at the wrong side as we do here all my thread we it has over the dark that we until she found a light hold thread on dark and now we can hold out line a whole range of accident facial circular cut liver theater the first for the last five days, a number of so we tied one said to
  • 01:31: clergy mark shows a first loop around options here it is now we are beginning to take the second round as well line variations in order to avoid becoming a person Ryazan first March 5 here it We maintain a list Ed often low here is a loop the first ten of our singers but this opera loop low number of women Court we are Spitsin
  • 02:01: So this is the first loop which hangs on the spokes and we'll I sleep in the first five years but often low variant and sag world snowstorm in this way we have a number of the top five was the head the last moved the markers at one loop to the left and now here it is the other loop It will be the first circular loop near
  • 02:35: we tied one for all and draw now that same link a second series figures thread because he Yashin strip consisting two rows of two rows of bright ones accuse we tied the two series of circular light oil is such a the first choice of the district claims now We continue knitting Dark filaments of two rows of vertices
  • 03:02: take no dark glasses We stretch it over the light so simply put the dark thread top light and Yashin the first circular row cancel and dark colors dorotich times and see how we avoid aliasing so we They tied the first round version of the oil and dark color
  • 03:31: and again the first round Beijing variator but we spent it Auchan coming to a list of loop If a woman of the theater low female theater enter the court Spitsin and held its first Beijing stamps postponed to 5 per loop problem thus we Kia first five circular riad became
  • 04:02: the last here she is but it became a series of circular loop first Petlin so we will continue to keep them long arm Look, we periodically displace the first five say from here it started the circular Ryazan and we periodically transferred maker over drinks left so start circular shifted versions
  • 04:32: Here is someone there in our place and which we were doing color change but there is no aliasing they quite accurately Let's see there is a scientific side and here we have it here so it tends to strip Where are we perform shift colored oil thereby performing a complex reception We can knit for the District of strip
  • 05:03: I step list accurately enough Estonia strips in a circle when the color It changes every year in order to avoid aliasing e You can use the other reception But in these glasses us use to have three different colors the color of the transition council quietly look carefully
  • 05:37: transition noticeable only at first before we change the color So in the end when we were finishing Ryazan too, because we are not us thread Let's see in this case it is possible to reduce and to do that style so we decided to tie the socks in
  • 06:02: strip We will use three colors in every color of fresh Antinori Janko may contact and now a child gradually We conduct work Mitya three colors market showing the beginning of the circular version Here is the beginning of a circular series of all the spokes 45 euros we highlight white
  • 06:31: and now we will continue to work with the vertices more 5 liters neither you colors So we tied several pickets white light Now We continue to work the thread of green color As I have already said that all the spokes 45 minute We did not consider that we divide 45 liters of a third part on the number of colors Of course in the first row of each color yarn any number of peak
  • 07:01: so but the work continues green thread Serge is now somewhat pitere sagged several pickets still continue the work no honor either a single color so we will gradually work all have their that's tied a few more five line of green and now he's
  • 07:32: have worked rally in purple and continued Ryazan this is the internet so we continue to keep Ryazan dark purple color
  • 08:01: we pumped Ryazan purple thread all three-color children untreated left where we left now we had spent the two loop and here Spain case white is where we finished working thread white and now purple thread, we reserve or Waiting
  • 08:32: and the decision of the white as soon as we knit white thread color we will design it until yet in place end green threads that country where we stopped and the site of green thread colors we continue to knit Mitya white
  • 09:00: we have Now we find the end of the nothing green Now picked up the universe no points here she is and the banks do not know Now nothing green again We will keep the thread of green as We have not yet produced a single Location where we stopped writing presence purple
  • 09:32: further period of several picketers green thread up to there we will meet purple thread but it is now left two two loops green from where I stopped writing thread
  • 10:00: dark purple color we have I'll find the end Nikitin purple here it I will continue to Ryazan and Ted Turner purple colors I will oblige copper and purple Pamela Beverage For this design until these white eyelet end that is until I meet end of white thread
  • 10:35: in the year I left to spend sculpt Tilke thread dark purple here I end meeting white thread found today here he is and continued to work white thread I will note from his white as
  • 11:00: I have not yet met end green thread because I now see Nietzsche white poselonov St Petersburg left more than 3 5-year you white colors data top-five finish and so here I'll find the end of the green thread
  • 11:30: caught up and continued Ryazan is now solved with green Green colour dark violet St Petersburg I will cut the time as long as mene ends five dark purple pin tel end of a dark purple yarn and continued building that is we hang spiral round let's just see what we
  • 12:00: happened looks like this if the strips in a circle strip height of a row style used 30 n And now let's get acquainted with especially Ryazan gum strip gum can be any 1 1 2 0 2 three by three, and so on their number of tour which is used at Ryazan ladder can also be any
  • 12:33: gum strip on our night frost as it is at such negligence transition from Colors typed is evident in all they need to shoots but such touches abroad You do busy careless you can see how such transitions purl grooves to make the same clear as a singer Omsk choice we tied several rows of yarn
  • 13:00: Red and then proceeded to Ryazan Mitin white color to the transition from the genius one color to another was a clear we are now the personal Dzyadok had spent Network Petka face all white So this $ 5 we break the algorithm gum two by two Yashin It is now number 1 white thread Mr. facial songs and wrong too
  • 13:39: when passing a new color refusal Department faced with invented matches fog 2 we are tied to Now books face violating a certain time so algorithm risinki however work with on the night side that is, the real night and now we will continue to Ryazan thread white but
  • 14:01: female g algorithms gum 2 2 Now we had spent third kei and kisses and then two loops with science and so on continued publication traces risinki algorithms two by two This person variant We continue knitting driver white
  • 14:34: follow Calgary Canada gum 2 2 associate the height of many rows as it must several rows of meetings but the light the transition from red to white oboznalsya that Bohr now it looks so that the curator me here you are these old men when will the Bohr
  • 15:03: Here is the passage and now as a Colour unless we pull Basil canvas then you will notice one is negligence on the canvas surprisingly will not threshold complete