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  • 00:00: good afternoon mine dear today I am you with such cute sweet blushers rosettes rolls they are yeast test but inside the filling cream with addition ground almonds caramels and caramelized bananas are very tasty prepared and pretty easy to quickly and easily and so we begin to start batch of yeast test and knead which of course you in your beloved a proven recipe but from this recipe take only stuffing and a method of forming buns and a for the dough
  • 00:30: took 350 grams wheat flour flour sifted added in flour about a third a teaspoon of salt 50 gram of sugar and 1 a teaspoonful assembly of dry in staple yeast saf moment of gold packs are yeast They examined the martial intended directly for baking stir that we have everything dry Ingredients evenly were distributed according to volume of flour hills make a hole we drive in the egg
  • 01:00: egg blur we pour in 160 grams warm milk and knead soft dough and trek to would like to say that I added a tremble directly dry is not by bias you nevertheless advise in advance dissolve a small amount warm water and because apparently something has become happened with technology cooking trenches and here such The way ahead is not tremble and in the dough occasionally leads to the fact that yeast is not completely disagree if their in advance
  • 01:30: dissolve then this There will not be problems and a couple more words on about cosmetology tolerant reflections these yeasts are capable of effectively good work smotly test with a large amount of sugar and fat but in our case the dough will be moderately so great if you do not have examined their relatives yeast yeast saf moment of a pack you can take any and other trozh the process of kneading you may need add a little more milk or liquid as flour is everywhere different, I added more
  • 02:00: optional 10 grams milk at this stage the most important homogeneous dough and deal with it consistency at night so the dough was soft Here it turned out dough but at the same time it should not be liquid should not crawl away spread a dough we will mix two-three minutes right in the bowl and further in the dough we will whip cream we need oil 50 grams softened butter is not melted
  • 02:31: not from the refrigerator in room oil temperature which it will be easy spread and We interpose the oil in dough add butter gradually small every subsequent courses after it was previous serving creamy oils result the dough will be softer is it ok, here it is dough for me it turned out in the result of this will need it
  • 03:02: knead well spread the dough on dry working table without flour and knead put the mushrooms in next to the dough soft we need will be his periodically pick up the table and Mesim to clean hands before the moment the dough will start easily lag behind work surface and hands as dough soft in my opinion it is most convenient to knead his French I did the technology this many many times for this test pick up maximally
  • 03:32: pull out add up turn over again pick up pull out fold turn over in this way we the dough is somewhere around minutes 5-7 periodically dough from the table picking up with a mushroom in order for us was not carried by this is the result it did not turn out very well soft live dough press his softness she is so soft rubbery easily lags behind the hands and working surface
  • 04:02: we collect dough from the desktop a bowl of oil vegetable oil spread out the dough the dough is rounded and we leave for lifting optimal temperature for fermentation test near twenty eight degrees Celsius so I usually
  • 04:32: I hold with the test I put in a cold oven including a light bulb there as a result there quite warm approximately 28 degrees can be put in a container with a warm water can be supplied next to the battery for if it's warm outside can be left with room temperature for fillings to us will need cook caramel for this we take 50 gram of sugar squeezing out the juice half a lemon stir and leave for caramelization
  • 05:02: stir preferably only up to the process The boiling after we interfere otherwise will happen the inverse process y we are again formed white sugar and wait while we are forming extreme if needed stir do it extremely carefully way caramel add 500 grams
  • 05:32: butter unfold here we spread cut with banana slices I have two bananas take one banana 3 banana on your the discretion of the circles should not be very thin thickness about a centimeter stir on fire
  • 06:02: another two minutes and we remove it and a frying pan on a plate and give completely cool down for mental stuffing we need whip 30 grams softened butter I always use oil of fat content 82 percent of you do not should be from refrigerator is not should be stone
  • 06:32: the same time it does not should be very soft around room temperatures gradually to oil add 50 grams sugar whisk and then here we will break through 1 2 chicken eggs I killed two eggs I'm pretty still large in Resulting cream turned liquid so if you have large chicken eggs take one if small can
  • 07:03: take a pair in general on your discretion every time is good whisk as a result should not thick mass my case even it turned out rather thinly because you could would focus on one censer I took 2 for that that our mass became more intense in order to so we were able to it decompose on the test add here ground almonds add a medal
  • 07:36: gradually I first added 25 grams but in I would not enough weight it turned out pretty still liquid so added another 25 grams The result should be turn out pretty a thick mass of which you can smear by rolling out the dough I added another 25 UAH then there is only I took 50 gram of altar dal Here it turned out mass could be do it and more thicker soon a thick mass
  • 08:06: It is easier to work it it does not follow spreads but I'm all same for this consistency decided stop examples 40 minutes after batch kneading sweating it's such additional way of development gluten in dough for this edge of the test collect in the center test with us its turn over smooth country from top cover and leave warm until doubling in volume of bake to steer i will be in the form for
  • 08:36: muffins not that such a single form up to 12 points frankly speaking such an amount dough and filling it too little you can take one and a half times more than is possible single mold can be cast mold you have the availability I'm good form smeared with creamy butter dough sticky even so the cutting the dough I will be sure to use flour to quality with dust and flour spread dough and roll out rectangle
  • 09:07: thickness of rolling in your choice I will roll out quite thin and roll out to roll out the dough the rectangle needs seek roll it to corners of a rectangle instant side a to corners of the mouth during rolling the dough will have rectangular view Here is the thickness
  • 09:55: rolling out though I repeat the thickness rolling-up at your discretion your choice on rolled up dough distribute almond filling far edge of the dough with a width of about 2 centimeter leaving without stuffing here now it is clear that filling is scary if the filling is thicker with it will be It's easier from above we lay out
  • 10:31: pieces of banana and caramel and gave us will be only nothing of this beauty roll roll and cut decay of a piece banana caramel and turn off roll up a roll
  • 11:03: free because inside we have a lot fillings if strive to wrap dough in tight rolls the filling will be squeeze out like this quite freely roll should be rather loose between our coils fit our filling free edge
  • 11:40: we pull off for that so that we do not roll was revealed at cutting and then we cut I'll move the roll to chopping board I just do not want cut 100 do it absolutely optional further we cut According to number of forms I cut into 12 pieces when cutting strive for parts were approximately equal and
  • 12:10: because in this case all our rolls will be baked updates roll in half then once again in half and each resulting half for another three parts of carefully shifting
  • 12:40: pieces of rolls form me as you can see pieces of dough are too big for such a form therefore in the result is not they did not rolls at all as such big flowers roses if you will each mold dough less then you will really rolls neatly shipping dough if at cutting some
  • 13:12: amount of cream cycle nothing scary is from directly you can collect and overhead italy shape with rolls will heat for proofing in during the same time dough should increase in volume about one and a half times when we dough roll it out and completely taken away now us the dough should again come up time is necessary for proofing the dough very depends on the condition of its holding and yeast activity the average is 40 50 minutes in five minutes
  • 13:44: before landing in the oven lubricate rolls and brood eggs and bake in in advance heated up to 200 210 degrees Celsius oven to readiness and over a rosy middle for baking rolls this size it takes about 15 minutes that's me beauty is such giant rosy rolls give him stand for 5 minutes in the form then delivered
  • 14:14: and you can call to swing and so too rolls about my case of roses with almonds formalized banana and lemon caramel ready and not will leave traditionally wish for a pleasant prepare a tea party bake please yourself and your loved ones very much I hope that they will like thanks what were with me watched the video if you are very kind