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  • 00:15: we have repeatedly carried out workshops with using candles made decoupage add them to various compositions today we and most importantly tell We show how to make own candles and help us in this florist Helena Helena that we need
  • 00:30: to work today for us need scissors and tools stationery knife Any form of twine let these cups and wax oven sproba her years as Cups can be all it can be any form whether there plastic a glass of milk or usual here are paper cups Lancers form that can be it was easy to cut and that itself is steam sauna steam bath is
  • 01:01: a pot of water on which is worth our bowl with paraffin then we begin our work to begin with you You need wicks you can buy specialized store or we We can make it themselves from any thread or twine there is no need for this it needs to cut off the desired length of the string and disguise it in profinet
  • 01:31: ling where you can get wax paraffin you can take in a pharmacy if you just need to experiment or order of Internet if needed in a large amount paraffins scale like inessa Other brain froze the fuse ready
  • 02:00: 2 what we are now doing now we do himself a candle, we can first set wicks with attachment bob and putting in Center and then pour here wax we can pour any paraffin to give it malenechko freeze and then paste our wicked but
  • 02:30: Now our candles practically transparent as possible to some dyes add up exist special specialized dyes are you can buy in Internet conventional paints are not fit the same there is no wax crayons they are not suitable dissolve in candle to the desired degree after it passed 10-15 minutes and paraffin slightly stiffened possible installing wick
  • 03:05: our candles frozen What to do now removed from the mold
  • 03:38: all the bumps on candle, we can easily for grind sandpaper on light
  • 04:09: Our candles are ready decorate their It can be anything, and how anything experiment can not only decoration of the form