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  • 00:00: answer to the eternal women's issue that put on a little black dress Fashion is timeless beyond the age to sew it can be for half an hour What is the secret of a small black dress this course elegant and simple style semilying emphasizes the silhouette shape actual long sleeve and seven-eighths round neck is Dress fashion classic dress goods select all the rules of the great Coco Chanel for such dresses used
  • 00:30: knitted jersey therefore we also do not We will depart from traditions and take knitted fabric such It should be good to keep form to be silky and smooth to the touch then it will not be stick motes start with patterns We add up the meter of fabric half and putting a T-shirt small nuance in the T-shirts must be wide enough shoulders and high this neck shirt It should not have much pull off because it It is the basis of dress draw out a T-shirt level from about
  • 01:01: waist postpone 60 centimeters is classic length Dress draw a line bottom and cut Now sews side and shoulder first at the seams typewriter then led me to ki Dress could put through a the neck is necessary to make the clasp we cut fabric on the back to a depth of 10 centimeters
  • 01:31: draw on the fabric here such detail given fasteners stage. Cut and and are putting neck and sew left to do sleeves are two rectangle length 60 and width 20 centimeters add them We measure the length of the armhole now taking its top sleeves cut off
  • 02:01: excess We sew and sew sleeves treat their sleeves and on the hem of her dress den to gently We sew the edges of their and folded the hemming secret stitched by hand because this dress couture and that's it small black Dress with Collar option to work with
  • 02:31: Donut on cape every day one big jewelry and This evening dress it changes instantly worth only come Olga occasion Vladimir nikishicheva Bokarev first channel