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How to knit a leaf the Irish Irish lace leaf pattern lace a knitting Lesson a hook 317  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Ryazan false leaf provyazyvaem sliding loop and moving into loop knit five
  • 00:30: columns without sc 1 2 Trenin 4 and 5 provyazyvaem polustolbik one sc
  • 01:01: moving into then loop knit column one sc with polustolbik two sc column two sc then with polustolbik
  • 01:38: With 3 nakida and a column with three sc all columns
  • 02:16: We get different height further knit 5 stitches and provyazyvaem coupling loop moving into Now loop sliding loop can be contracted overturn
  • 02:51: I worked for another side and will fasten chain of the air loops without columns sc 1 2 3 April 5 and 6 overturn
  • 03:33: work again on the other side provyazyvaem 3 Air loop 1 2 3 then knit column with one sc and then knitting will repeat knit one air loop
  • 04:03: and the following loop base column with so one sc repeat four more fold and the last time knit
  • 04:54: air loop column one sc then knit coupling loop Further knitting is repeat provyazyvaem one air loop and column, without sc in
  • 05:25: next st foundation again air loop and column, without sc and so repeat strapping on a leaf
  • 06:01: contour and the last time
  • 06:32: loop knit air and the latest loop provyazyvaem polustolbik with sc then around the chain of stitches will knit columns without nakida February 1, and then provyazyvaem 3
  • 07:06: aerial loops In order to formalize the sharp end of a leaf then there is too nail provyazyvaem column sc without further knitting will repeat provyazyvaem 1 air loop and then between two columns
  • 07:36: to knit sc column, without sc and again air loop and between the posts provyazyvaem column sc without air loop and a column without sc and so knit farther and that's the elevator to knitting
  • 08:20: suitable end and provyazyvaem last coupling loop Now you can thread cut like that will look like this I leave with you was Irina write comments put the huskies subscribe to my youtube style to the email channel newsletter online dime beginner's. I grew up
  • 08:51: new appointments