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How to knit a flower Knitting by a hook the Lesson 24 Crochet flower pattern  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: first provyazyvaem sliding loop and knit in the center sliding peak 6 columns, without sc
  • 00:31: 1 2 front 4 5 and 6
  • 01:02: tighten sliding loop and connecting the first and loop with the latest assistance coupling loop I prepared in the first row next row provyazyvaem two column, without sc in
  • 01:32: each loop round So I repeated 6 times Now this series is ready
  • 02:03: and connects the first and loop with the latest assistance coupling loop Getting knit Next in this series row will do adding through one loop provyazyvaem 2 column, without sc the following loop
  • 02:33: Base 1 and 2 then knit 1 bar without following sc loop and again 2 column 1 and 2 in the same most loop and so we add the repeat loops each the second loop just add the 6 loops then connect
  • 03:04: first and last loop connective loop the next row We need add 6 and 7 are not loops provyazyvaem column, without sc loop base then knit 2 column without sc in the following loop further provyazyvaem
  • 03:35: again without a column 1 sc and another one column, without sc Further knit 2 column without sc in the following loop Now provyazyvaem 1 column, without sc 2 column, without sc the following loop
  • 04:06: in this way add 7 loops This house and connect first and recent tabs connective loop and now recalculate how many loops we It located at the base must be exactly 25 eyelets if the number of
  • 04:37: loops turned right can be knit more provyazyvaem 3 air loop and then making 2 sc on hook and in the same point where we goes a chain of stitches provyazyvaem post with two sc next loop
  • 05:16: base provyazyvaem 3 column three sc 13 sc on the hook then in the same knit the second point
  • 05:46: column three and third nakida column three sc fit in the same point next st grounds provyazyvaem 1 column three sc Further provyazyvaem 3
  • 06:30: column with 2 sc at one point the following loop base 1 second
  • 07:04: and 3 This is followed by a loop grounds provyazyvaem post with two sc Air and knit 3
  • 07:36: loop 1 2 and 3 and knit coupling loop at the same point where we provyazyvali and the last column this is the first leaf I prepared in the same way provyazyvaem all the other leaves knit coupling next st
  • 08:07: a base eyelet and further knit as I and I have already shown here a flower We now obtain you can knit next row provyazyvaem 3 column, without sc around the chain of stitches 1 more
  • 08:41: and 3 and then each loop provyazyvaem by two columns with one sc It's the second
  • 09:12: Now loop third and in the fourth loop provyazyvaem 2 with two column sc 1 and 2 Further knit 2
  • 09:50: column one sc in each loop base 2 column with sc so you untying pestle
  • 10:20: by true and around a chain of in Well, in the loop knit 3 column, without sc likewise binds all five
  • 10:51: leaves and now flower is ready Getting knit the middle of a flower to do this sliding loop and moving into loop provyazyvaem 5 columns without sc 1 2 3 4 and 5 sliding
  • 11:21: the noose tightens and connecting the first and loop with the latest assistance coupling loop now every
  • 11:57: loop will provyazyvat two column, without sc and so knit to the end series connects the first and the last loop series connection and a third loop knit number in this series
  • 12:31: pressure making through one loop in the first loop provyazyvaem column without nakida second 2 column, without sc and so on 1 column and then without nakida 2 column next loop and so knit before the end of this series
  • 13:03: connecting the first and loop with the latest assistance coupling loop We do the next row adding two first loop provyazyvaem column sc without one then another loop just one column without sc in loop, and the following loop It has 2 columns without sc and so knit up
  • 13:36: the end of connecting the first last eyelet using a number coupling loop Now knit fifth row each loop provyazyvaem column Now, without sc make additions no longer need combine 1 last
  • 14:14: eyelet using coupling loop and we've got here a convex shape orange etc. thread will knit stamens threaded hook under the loop basis grab the thread then to hook under the the following loop base and grab second
  • 14:44: thread and then knit elongated loop and then knit to pull out loop vdevaem hook under and the following loop knit
  • 15:14: elongated loop and here all the stamens willing to stay put inside Flower something soft and then to sew our flowers with a needle and here what a beautiful
  • 15:45: Flower I turned